Workout Adventure

I’ve occasionally posted about this publically and privately, but I started a personal journey to improve my health at the end of 2019. It wasn’t a “New Years Resolution” or anything like that, that was just the timing of it. I used to play roller derby, and now I play quidditch (yes, really). But sitting here writing the reviews you hopefully enjoy here in The Rat Hole is not a particularly active pursuit, and I’m not getting any younger. A year ago, I don’t know that I would have tried these workouts. A year ago, I don’t know that I COULD have tried these workouts. So before I go on, I’m going to you one piece of advice to those reading this and who may not be inclined to do it. Do it, but do it smartly. You get out of any workout what you put into it, but don’t push yourself to the point of failure.

I’m not entirely sure where this first crossed my path (on Instagram I think), but the folx at Giants and Pilgrims have put out the first three chapters/workouts of the series for free, leading up to the launch of this campaign. 

My original idea was to do the Barbarian’s Quest first, in my hotel room for an outdoor wedding. But I hadn’t planned ahead, and somehow didn’t have a die with me (It turns out I had 10, I just forgot that I have a copy of Flip in my laptop bag.) So a few days later, my first try ended up the Monk’s Quest, a run with exercises. I didn’t have the greatest experience that day, but only because of the location I chose. I was dirty and itchy when I was finished, but the workout wasn’t bad. 

The next time that the weather was more suited to an indoor workout, I tried out the Barbarian’s Quest, a Crossfit style station workout. It was an extremely challenging workout the first time, partly because I didn’t know what to expect. It got “easier” the next times because I had a better idea of what I was getting into with it, although “easier” doesn’t mean less challenging.

Most recently they released the Wizard’s Quest, another run with exercises. The weather here is rapidly turning unpleasant, and our first snow of the year was two weeks ago, so I’ve started doing more running at an indoor track. They have space for individual workouts along the side of the track, so give or take occasionally pausing the workout to finish running back to my spot, this worked exceptionally well for that space. I’ve since done the Monk’s Quest there as well, and it has been much more enjoyable, but I think I’ve still preferred Wizard’s Quest.

The pledge levels for this campaign need to be put in a bit of context before I start. Normally only reviews tabletop games and tabletop gaming products. Workout Adventure is definitely “gaming adjacent” or “gaming inspired” but it is a fitness product and it should be framed as such. So for comparison, the full season pass for these audio releases is roughly the median price of a month’s fitness membership.

Pledge levels start at $5 (USD) for only the next workout: Goblin’s Quest, a short running workout and $39 will give access to the full season of ten workouts, with a new workout released each month. $55 adds one of two Workout Adventure t-shirts and $70 adds both designs (this appears to be the only pledge that includes both shirt designs. $75 adds a decal and autographed poster to the single shirt level. The $95 Adventure Box gives you all of that plus a water bottle and custom six-sided die, $175 gets two Boxes at a discounted price. $250 also gets two Adventure Boxes and also includes a licensing agreement to run all of these workouts for the public (including the planned future seasons). There are a few more personalized levels above that you can check out for yourself.

These audio tracks are each roughly a half-hour long, and very professionally produced. Professionalism costs money, so in the end, none of this is unreasonably priced.

As I write this, the campaign was only launched a few hours ago, so there is a month of potential updates to come. There are images of the t-shirt and decal designs, but no information on what the shirts or water bottle are made of, or if the custom die is anything more special than just another d6 with a logo. As well, none of these extras are currently available as individual add-ons. 

Overall the campaign feels lacking in a few areas, but I can say the workouts released so far have been both enjoyable and challenging. They are unlikely to completely replace my current workout routine, but I am VERY likely to continue to integrate them into my routine. 

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