Vamp on the Batwalk (Kickstarter)

Vampires. Do. Not. Sparkle. Unless they are being fashionable on the Batwalk! Slay gurl! No, wait… not like that…NOT LIKE THasdkjfhaskjh…

In Vamp on the Batwalk players take on the persona of a fabulous vampire, trying to be the most fashionable Vamp in the game. But since a vampire can’t see their reflection in a mirror, they will have to gauge their choices on what they see the other vamps doing.

Ultimately, Vamp on the Batwalk is a simple trick-taking game, with the added challenge of not being able to see your own cards. Each Vamp in the game has an identical set of seven cards in their colour. All the player’s cards are shuffled together and five cards dealt to each player, with the remaining cards set aside until the next hand. The cards are picked and arranged so that the backs of the cards are all a player can see, while everyone else should be able to clearly see what every other player has.

The first card played is the Lead card. The winner of the “show” will be the player who has the highest numbered card in the colour of the current Lead after each player has played a card. If a player manages to “Steal the Show” by playing a numerically matching card in a different colour, that card then becomes the Lead. Remember you can’t see your own cards when you’re trying to do this. Cards with a star instead of a number will always win the show and a card with a garlic symbol will always lose unless a star is played, which it will trump. Points are earned for Stealing the Show and for winning a show. After three rounds the Vamp with the most points wins.

I got to meet Cody Thompson of Gold Nugget Games at SHUX in Vancouver, and take a VERY short look at the prototype components. They are every bit as fun and creative as the campaign images suggest. I wasn’t able to sit down and play, but several friends enjoyed it and the common consensus is that this is a fun and easy-to-learn filler game. 

There are only two real pledge levels, for $19 (USD) you get the standard game, plus the premium print-and-play files (basic files are free on the campaign page). $24 adds a promo expansion with an additional four vamps to play with. Shipping costs are estimated on the campaign page, but will be charged through the pledge manager later down the road.

You can back Vamp on the Batwalk on Kickstarter until October 24, 2019.

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