Valkyrie (Kickstarter)

Valkyrie is a game I’m torn on. It’s not that I don’t love tactical strategy games, because more often than not I do. It’s not that I don’t like solo games, because more often I do. It’s not that I don’t love giant mechs, because that would just be weird, and I’m not THAT weird.

My problem is that lately I’m finding myself drawn to lighter, shorter, solo games and I don’t know that I’d have much opportunity to play this with many of my current gaming friends as a multiplayer game. I almost certainly won’t have the opportunity to play this on the scale it can grow to, in either context. Knowing that makes me a bit sad because this game looks awesome.

Valkyrie is described as “a fast-paced miniatures solitaire board game played on a map. Each game takes roughly 15 minutes to set up and 1 to 2 hours to play.” The most important thing to note in that description, is that while many games have a solo mode added on, it is somewhat rare to have a game like this built as a solo game, with a multiple player option added later.

The core set will include Giant, 1/285 scale, Valkarie mechs, and a handful of scaled real-world military vehicles, for both the United States and the Russian Federation, along with the battle map, terrain, vehicle info, and individual pilot cards to add to the replayability of the campaign scenarios. Add-on stretch goals include new Nation sets for Japan and the European Union, each with new campaign scenarios.

If you want to expand your battles, all of the Core and unlocked Nations will each have add-on sets of miniatures alone and available new terrain types. If that’s still not big enough for you there is another add-on stretch goal for a massive 69″ x 54″ battle map with adjacent, repeating, control areas, that mirror those on the basic 33″ x 17″ map.

It’s an interesting note that everything from representative turn timing, to the scale of the map hexs, to the speed and weapons ranges started with the real-world units and carried through to the fictional elements.

Pledge levels start at $20 (USD) for an ebook of stories, written to fill in the details that bring us from 2019 to into the world of 2060. $70 gets the Core Game, without the fiction or any stretch goals. Every other pledge over $90 (also for the Core Game) will include the fiction and stretch goals. For $120 you get the Core Game, plus a single Miniatures Expansion. $150 gets the Core Game plus any two expansions (including unlocked Nation sets) or $220 to include any four expansions.

I started by saying I was torn about this game. Let me end by saying that if my circumstances and usual player base were different; I think this is a game I could love. If you enjoy tactical wargames, and especially if you like the idea of a tactical wargame you can easily play solo, this is likely a campaign you’ll want to back.

You can back Valkyrie on Kickstarter until November 12, 2019.

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