Tokyo Series Games 4-6 (Kickstarter)

I had heard of Jordan Draper’s Tokyo Series before now, but only ever in passing. When I really discovered him was when the first game in his new Materials Series, Metal, hit Kickstarter. The mix and match components and clean simplicity of that game intrigued me. So now we come to the newest games in the Tokyo Series, and a ton more!

This Kickstarter is basically three (or maybe more) campaigns all rolled into one. So I’m going to work my way backward through them.

First (or technically last) are some amazing add-ons, that could easily have warranted their own campaign, there’s plushy and a set of 12 collectible blind boxes of the new Tokyo Series mascot, Hexakun. These 2″ figures can be added as a random single box for $10 (USD) or (due to popular demand) a complete set for $100. Not only are these figures adorable, but they will actually be usable in several of the games, and each design may end up with special rules. That’s a really interesting way to expand the games and expand the brand. There are more upgrades and add-ons available, but these

The next part that could have been its own campaign, are three games by Japanese designers that Draper has translated and re-themed for the English speaking market: [descriptions below are direct from the campaign page -dc]

  • PRAISE (based on the game HOMERO by Megumi Ebi), is a game about discovering genuine versus fake compliments. In Japanese culture, many people praise others as a cultural norm, but your true friends have to be discovered by their honest praises!
  • COLORFUL (based on MATCH ME! by OHTANI Tadashi, published by COLON ARC), is a game about categorizing and matching colors as a group. Each round a player will come up with a specific example within a broad topic, for the group to secretly match with a color card from their hand. After 5 rounds, cards are checked to see if the group or an individual wins!
  • CACTUS (based on TRIBE, designed by Naotaka Shimamoto, published by itten), is a dexterity game where players competing for flowers in the desert by stacking strange colored shapes onto… cactus! Cactus shares around half of the pieces with Tribe (plus many new), a desert re-theme (my home territory!), and around a 50% size reduction.

The star of this campaign is, of course, entries 4-6 in the Tokyo Series of games.

  • TOKYO COIN LAUNDRY brings a laundromat into your living room! Utilizing miniature hand sewn fabric clothes, operable washers and dryers, and more, this title includes over a dozen unique games ranging from 5 to 45 minutes in length, conceived by various guest designers from across the globe. Offering a huge range of game types including dexterity, role playing and conflict, this anthology is perfect for any setting or player count!
  • TOKYO TSUKIJI MARKET is a heavy economic fishing game, where players will take on the role of Japanese fisherman, setting custom prices for their catch to sell to other players. On top of a completely-open, player-driven economy, significant game-to-game variability is provided by the randomized mix of the 8+ fish markets (including MASSIVE tuna auctions), driving your revenue strategies, while the 7+ support stalls can improve your ships and fishing abilities!
  • In TOKYO GAME SHOW you will host 5 rounds of a Japanese game show, inviting up to 5 of your friends to put on colorful wrist bands and compete in devilish mini games of your choosing! With over 50 games included in the box from 10 diverse categories, plus the option to use any of the other TOKYO SERIES titles as featured games, this party hit is perfect for any ‘studio audience’!

I’m not a 110% sure about Praise, but the other two Japanese Designer games seem like a ton of fun. All three of the Tokyo Series games are just a bit odd. When I say that, I should clarify that I generally adore odd things. So to be a bit more mundane, they look great.

Since there’s a lot packed into the campaign, there are a fair number of pledge levels.

$20 gets you any one of the Japanese Designer games. $35 Gets you either Tokyo Game Show or Tokyo Coin Laundry, with Tokyo Tsukiji Market costing $45, and all three running only $99.

You can pick up all six new games for $150, which is still a decent savings. $200 will get you the original three Tokyo Series games plus the three new entries. $250 gets the three original Tokyo Series Games, the three new Tokyo Series games, and the three new Japanese Designer games.

This campaign is already well past funded, and there are so many fun options that the hardest choice isn’t really “should I pledge”, but rather “how much should I pledge”.

You can back the Tokyo Series games 4-6 on Kickstart until February 11, 2019.

Jordan Draper is online at or Facebook at