Timeline: Canada

I’m not going to speak for the entire staff here at in The Rat Hole. I’m certainly not going to speak for our Special Guest writers that have joined us from other countries. But as Head Rat here, I was VERY specific when I chose the domain extension .ca for this site. I am proud to be Canadian. That doesn’t mean I’m blind to the parts of our history, and sadly our present, that are less than positive. But this isn’t about those things. With Canada Day approaching in a few days, this is the perfect time for us to look at Timeline: Canada.

If you’ve somehow never come across a Timeline game, the premise is simple. Players start with four cards in front of them date side down, and a single card in the middle, date side up. Each turn the current player will attempt to place one of their cards in the correct place in the growing timeline of cards. If they place it incorrectly they discard it and draw a new card. The object is to be the first player to correctly place all your cards in the timeline.

There is a ton variants available for Timeline, each covering a different topic, ranging from 50 to 250 cards. Timeline Canada is disappointingly on the low end of the card count, at only 55 mini-cards. This set of cards cover everything from the DISCOVERY OF CANADA in 1534 all the way forward to [REDACTED] in 2016. (The Discovery of Canada is an obvious starting point, but I’m not going to spoil the other event dates for you.)

Events don’t just explore major points form Canadian history, like the CONFEDERATION OF CANADA, and the ADOPTION OF THE NATIONAL FLAG OF CANADA. They also cover sports like the 1ST GREY CUP and WAYNE GRETZKY TRADED FROM THE OILERS. There are scientific breakthroughs with the DEPLOYMENT OF THE CANADARM and the DISCOVERY OF INSULIN. There are also events surrounding music and the arts, politics, pop culture, and some general Canadiana trivia.

There is a disclaimer in the rules that the information in the game is for entertainment, and may not be 100% correct or up to date. History is always changing, thanks to new discoveries. But the one really big sticking point for me was the 1534 Discovery of Canada. There are a number of that could be applied to that label, it would have been more accurate to have called it the claiming of the Territory of New France.

Timeline: Canada is a fun, and likely educational, romp through the stories of Canada. I would love to see a larger version, or some more specialized sets, down the road (There was already a Timeline: Qu├ębec prior to this, so anything is possible.)

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