Superfight (The Dystopia Deck)

Welcome back to Superfight Saturday. Each month we will look at a different expansion for Skybound Games’ runaway hit party game, Superfight. If you have never played Superfight before, a good place to start would be my review of the Core Game. This month, we will be taking a look at The Dystopia Deck.

With the state of the combined North American politics right now, there is no more appropriate time to break into The Dystopia Deck.

I was honestly surprised by this deck. So much so, that I’m going to go backwards through my usual order of observations. The purple Scenario cards are well balanced, most of them (if not all of them) reference specific things, but are still general enough for anyone to understand. I honestly don’t know if ALL FIGHTERS ARE 30 FEET FROM A CORNUCOPIA FULL OF WEAPONS is a specific reference, but I’m totally picturing American Thanksgiving dinner in a post-apocalyptic world. The blue Location cards are pretty specific, but not so much that players couldn’t hash out a reasonable answer if they didn’t actually know the reference.

The black Attribute cards similarly well balanced, with only a small handful, like WEARING A PIP-BOY, being really specific. I’m looking forward to the game where a player chooses ARMED WITH AN UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF TWINKIES and randomly draws ABOUT TO DIE OF STARVATION as their second Attribute.

The white Character cards are where this set surprisingly lost me. More than half of them are specific people. Of those specific people I maybe recognize half of them at most, and that doesn’t make it as fun. That being said, there are still a bunch of great Characters in there. HORDE OF RADIOACTIVE MUTANTS and DOG WITH HUMAN INTELLIGENCE make me want to go read some Scooby Apocalypse. But my favourite is probably PICK A HORSEMAN OF THE APOCALYPSE.

While this deck is technically playable on its own, the specificity of so many cards may frustrate some players. However, others may be just fine with it. That’s honestly pretty standard for Superfight theme expansions, it just seemed to a more prominent factor than I’ve normally encountered with them. I feel like mixing it in with the Horror Deck, and The Walking Dead Deck, might make for a terrific Halloween game night but I’m a few months from trying that out.

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