Superfight (The Purple Deck)

Welcome back to Superfight Saturday. Each month we will look at a different expansion for Skybound Games’ runaway hit party game, Superfight. If you have never played Superfight before, a good place to start would be my review of the Core Game. This month, we will be taking a look at The Purple Deck.

Last month we went back to the basics, with the Core Deck: Expansion 2. This month we are going to continue down that path to another of the most basic expansions, The Purple Deck 2. If you’ve been reading our previous Superfight Saturday reviews, you’ll likely have noticed that many of the theme decks include some blue and purple cards. (If you’re new here and haven’t had a chance to read those, here’s a link to all of them.) The purple cards are Scenarios, and The Purple Deck 2 consists of, obviously, only those Scenario cards.

The Scenarios can be used in any way the group chooses, really. You can reveal a Scenario card before choosing fighters, to allow players to tailor their choices. They could reveal it after fighters are chosen, to sew chaos into the battle. They could even just use it tiebreaker in a close fight.

Regardless of when in the sequence a Scenario card is revealed, it has the same effect od changing how the battle may be one or lost. Some Scenarios have little-to-no impact like FIGHTERS HAVE CARTOONISHLY LARGE HEADS. Other good have a drastic effect, players who have some sort of armour would most certainly have to change their argument is FIGHTERS ARE NAKED were to be revealed. Having to do battle NEXT TO A SLEEPING DRAGON could easily go either way, depending on the fighters and the players behind them.

I’ve played games of Superfight where the Scenarios make things almost as entertaining as the fighters involved. I’ve played games where they simply felt like an unnecessary step. I’ve even played games where the blue Location cards have been shuffled into the purple Scenarios for even more variety.

Will your game be improved by scenarios? That’s a question that I can’t conclusively answer. The best I can say is sometimes yes, sometimes no, and sometimes the answer may change round to round.

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