Superfight (Fortress Mode)

As another month draws to a close it’s time, once again, for Superfight Saturday. Each month we will look at a different expansion for Skybound Games’ runaway hit party game, Superfight. If you have never played Superfight before, a good place to start would be my review of the Core Game. This month, we will be taking a look at the Fortress Mode Deck.

The Superfight Fortress Mode expansion deck brings in a whole new way to play the game. You still have a non-playing judge, most of the players still build fighters as they would in the standard game, but one player doesn’t. That player draws three Wall cards and four Defence cards from the Fortress Mode decks. They will then play a Wall and two of the Defense cards to create their impenetrable fortress of doooooooooom! To that, they add a random Character Card from the core deck, who will command their newly built fortress.

Everyone else builds their fighters as normal, but instead of fighting each other, they team up to invade the fortress. The defending player will argue how they survive the onslaught, while the attackers argue how they would succeed. The Judge pick the winner, with the attackers getting one point each if they win and the defender getting one point, per attacker, if they win. The defender and judge rolls move to the left and a new round of play starts.

You may have noticed by now, that I generally really enjoy Superfight. I also generally really enjoy expansions that turns a game on its ear and radically changes how the whole game is played. So I should love this expansion, right? That’s what I thought too, but unfortunately not. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it. In fact, there are some really great things in here. For example, a tiny thing I really liked was that if you put the Defence cards on either side of the Wall card, the layout makes a neat fortress wall with a pair of embattled parapets on either side. It’s a small detail, but I like small details. Some of the cards are great too, with some gems like and “Even Greater Wall of China” and a “Regenerating Jell-O wall”. Similarly, there are some great Defense cards like “Guarded by a giant gorilla that rolls barrels down at invaders” or “Guarded by goblins armed with pots of boiling battery acid.”

As great as some of the cards are, and as much as the overall concept is great, I felt this one kinda fell flat. It was released near the end of the now-ended subscription service, and it very much seems like it was rushed to make a deadline. Nothing game-breakingly awful, but there’s the odd spelling issue, and some structural issues in some of the card phrasing. (Simply “Surface-to-air shark launcher” compared to the more common “GUARDED BY A flock of exploding pidgeons”. Or “Draw a random character card” on cards with no reason for it). Overall, playing through this I just didn’t feel the excitement I normally get from Superfight.

If you can set aside the above glitchiness of some of the cards, it’s an entertaining diversion for a few rounds. It’s not something I’m likely to invite my friends to play exclusively, but I’m also not going to hide it away when we break out the rest of the game. If you’re new to Superfight, I wouldn’t recommend starting with Fortress Mode. If you’re a Superfight Superfan™ like me, it’s still worth picking up.

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