Superfight (Expansion Two)

Welcome back to Superfight Saturday. Each month we will look at a different expansion for Skybound Games’ runaway hit party game, Superfight. If you have never played Superfight before, a good place to start would be my review of the Core Game. This month, we will be taking a look at The Core Deck: Expansion Two.

When The Rat Hole went live in 2017, we did a soft launch a few weeks before our official opening. Thankfully we did, because when found a major glitch that we were able to patch up. But the point is that the very first post we made during this soft launch was the Superfight Core Game. Since then our monthly Superfight Saturday / Skybound Saturday posts have been a highlight of my reviewing month. Since then we’ve review themes ranging from Horror to Holidays, and a few ways to completely change the way Superfight is played. But this month, I wanted to take us back to basics with the Core Deck: Expansion 2.

There is no specific theme for this expansion. No purple Scenarios. No blue Locations. Just a great mix of white Character cards and black Attribute cards, just like the Core Deck, and that’s what makes this one of the strongest expansions I’ve played.

The Character cards set up some potentially brilliant battles. RONALD MCDONALD vs COLONEL SANDERS in a battle for fast-food supremacy. CAP’N CRUNCH vs CAPTAIN MORGAN in a battle for breakfast. (Don’t judge me). Giant monsters could collide with KING KONG vs MEGASHARK. So… much… fun!!!

The black Attribute cards are even better. Picture it:

A- “Ha! My fighter HAS TITANIUM TEETH!”
A- “Titanium is a non-ferrous metal. Your hands have no effect…”
B- “Drat…”

Fun, and scientifically educational!

Who can beat BUGS BUNNY when he’s RIDING A BATTLE BUNNY? I’m sure I’ve seen Marvin the Martian in a set somewhere and I’d totally watch that cartoon! It is also a comparatively new expansion, being from 2017, so it has some updated references like ELSA and MOANA. The core deck is only from 2013, but the world of pop culture can change a lot in just a few years.

There were two years between Superfight’s initial release and Core Deck: Expansion 1, and two years between Expansion 1 and Expansion 2. It’s been another two years since Expansion 2, so maybe before the end of 2019, we’ll see an Expansion 3 deck! Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, you can get more information on Superfight at or on their Facebook page:

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