Super Chess (Kickstarter)

Like many other people, Chess was probably my earliest exposure to a game that needed more thought than Connect-4 and Go Fish. There was even a time when I was pretty good at it. Not superstar tournament level of good, but one of the better players in my tiny corner of the world. As I got older, school and life gave me fewer opportunities to play, and now I almost never get the chance. But every now and then something happens to get me to pull out one of my boards for a quick game. Super Chess could be one of those somethings.

Super Chess is a simple deck of 36 cards that when played can affect the abilities, location, or even the existence of specific pieces. The deck doesn’t get reshuffled during play, which helps keep things balanced. If your opponent is burning through cards you may be inclined to play more yourself to counter that strategy, and when the cards are gone the game continues as normal keeping things from getting out of hand.

The pledge levels start at only £3(GBP) or about $5(CAD) for the print-and-play edition, and only £8/$14 for a single physical copy, including free worldwide shipping. There are a few multi-deck tiers, including some bonus cards, but there is one specific tier that stands out.

At the £100/$175 level, not only do you personally get everything from the previous tiers, but King Pawn Games will also donate 15 copies of the game to a London school chess club, to help them teach and grow a love of chess in future students. I LOVE seeing campaigns that have an element of community support. There are so many things in the world that focus on changing the negatives, and that’s important, but it’s refreshing to see something that brings good into the world on its own merit, without needing change.

Super Chess looks like a great opportunity for regular players to try something a little different and a great way to introduce new players Chess from another direction.

You can back Super Chess on Kickstarter until March 8, 2018!

You can find more about Super Chess online at or on Facebook at

Irrelevant Fun Fact: Super Chess creator, Kaan Ibrahim, is currently studying astrophysics and molecular biology at UCL in London, UK. That’s pretty cool.