Summer Update

Hi folks. If you haven’t looked outside, it’s summer. Even in Canada.

One of the unaccounted for factors in The, Rat Hole’s first year is the simple fact that summer is ridiculously busy. Not just for our amazing staff, but for the wonderful players that join us in playing the games you read about.

We still have games┬áto play and stories to tell, but we are going to have to slow down for a bit. So here’s the plan. We will still be putting out 1 review a week, either Tuesday or Thursday. We will still do CrowdFUNding Spotlights as time and interest allow. Columns like the Renaissance Gamer are intended to continue but may experience the odd week off. Monthly videos for The Watch should still happen.

Currently, we are planning a full shutdown for the first two weeks of August, as our entire staff will be on the road and updating the site from my phone on the side of the highway sucks. and we should be back up to full speed by late August.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!