Sidekick Quests (Kickstarter)

Sidekick Quests is a beautiful combination of my loves and passions. I love tabletop gaming. I love comics. I am passionate about getting kids reading and kids learning to play games. Sidekick Quests does all of this, and I’m so happy I came across them.

The original Sidekick Quests webcomic was created in 2012 by James Stowe as a way to introduce his own children to roleplaying games. As he wrote the comic, he wrote it as one might write down their own campaign, and then chronicled the play-through, including initiative and other dice rolls. He did this so well, I’m told, that new rules had to be instituted when a major protagonist critically failed a life-or-death roll.

In 2016, the first chapter of Sidekick Quests, The Secret of the Sewer Wizard, funded on Kickstarter and was released as a combination graphic novel collection and RPG game module. I really like the explanation given in that campaign’s video, so here it is:

Two and a half years later, this campaign is to print both Chapter 2 in the same format, but also a full-fledged standalone rulebook for the game. Previously the RPG rules were only available online in an abbreviated quickstart version. In fact, they are even offering those rules for free right now, so you can look and decide if this is a game you want to invest in.

There are a ton of pledge levels to pick from here. $10 (USD) gets you a PDF copy of either the final rulebook or Mystery of the Moon Stone, with $15 getting you both. $30 gets you a physical copy and a pdf of either book, with $50 getting you both. The $75, $125, $150, and $300 levels all get you both book in both formats plus a variety of cool individualized stuff.

Even if you don’t want to play the game, the comic is well worth the investment alone. I’ve only had time to flip through the print copy of The Secret of the Sewer Wizard that I was lucky enough to get ahold of, and I’m loving it.

You can back Sidekick Quests: Mystery of the Moon Stone on Kickstarter until November 18, 2018.

You can find out more about Sidekick Quests, both the game and the comic, online at