Retro Reboot! Yashima and Ninja Dice (Kickstarter)

This takes me back, so please excuse my reminiscing for a moment. Just shy of 4 years ago I officially launched Around 8 years ago I started working for as a convention photographer and it wasn’t long before I found myself also writing reviews for comic books, the occasional television show or movie, and most importantly: board games. I still write for them from time to time, but the pandemic has hit their staff hard (if you’re interested in reviewing comics, you should get in touch) but that not my point here. The point of my rambling is that one of my earliest game reviews was for the original release of Yashima. It was short, it was tactless, it was quite frankly cringy. It also did a terrible job at explaining just how much I really enjoyed the game. But it has still stuck in my head all these years.

That brings us to today, and how excited I am to see a new edition of Yashima, with an improved and more streamlined ruleset. Also returning is Ninja Dice, a game I have never played but have also never heard anything but positive things about.

Yashima, is a card-based miniatures combat game where players customize the deck of whatever character they have chosen to do battle with, in several game modes. This campaign features two 2-player sets (Volume 1 and 2) that can be combined with each other and (hopefully) future releases.

Ninja Dice is a push-your-luck dice dice game, in which player “build” a house by rolling the house dice, then roll to try to overcome the challenges rolled for the house, while other players are also rolling to attack or sound the alarm on your ninja (dice).

The campaign page has quick hot to play videos (the Ninja Dice one is extra entertaining) and you can try out both games on Tabletop Simulator.

Pledge Levels are a bit unusual from what I’m used to seeing. They are all labelled as Early Pledges with no pledges showing after they expire. (New Kickstarter feature perhaps?) So I can only write about what I see right now, knowing the prices will change soon.

$25 (USD) gets you a copy of Ninja Dice and its Kage Masters expansion. $25 will also get you an upgrade package for the original version of Yashima (but not the original expansions yet) that will allow original players to continue using their games with the newer rules. $70 gets both Volume 1 and 2 of the new Yashima (four players worth of characters) and $90 gets you everything from both games. 

I can’t stress enough just how excited I am about both of these games coming back into print. I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on them next year. Seriously, back this.

You can back the Retro Reboot of Yashima and Ninja Dice on Kickstarter until November 21, 2021.

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