Renaissance Gamer will return JANUARY 1

Hello loyal readers! This is Dave, Grand Poobah of Geek here at The Rat Hole, with some good news and less good news.

The less good news is that you are reading my words, not our regularly scheduled Renaissance Gamer column. Brent’s piece on┬ábio-normativity in gaming has been extended into a two-parter, and nobody has time to jump online on Christmas Day just to catch the second half of a cool article. We all more important things to do that day, like watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and spending time with family, and spending time watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special with family. So rather than put up part one this week, and interrupt your Gallifreyan festivities next week, I’m giving Brent a couple weeks “off”.

The good news is that the Renassaince Gamer will return January 1, 2018. In the meantime, our regular Tuesday game reviews will go up as normal. Our last Holiday Theme post will go up this Thursday, and January’s theme will be revealed a week early the following Thursday. Superfight Saturday will also continue on the last Saturday of the month as usual.

Thank you from everyone at The Rat Hole for joining us each week. Enjoy whatever holiday(s) you may celebrate, and go be nice to each other.