RPG Blog Carnival: Fae for Extra Life

November is a very busy month in the Renaissance Gamer household, as I prepare for the onslaught of winter here on the Canadian Prairies and ramp up my fundraising for Extra Life. I’ve been a stalwart supporter of Extra Life for a while and this year marks my eighth year fundraising for them. The support the charity gives to children’s hospitals is invaluable. I will continue to support that in any way I can, and it warms my heart that so many others in the gaming community do so as well.

November is also all about the Fae in this month’s RPG Blog Carnival theme. So it seemed like the perfect time to bring back a wee Fae beastie I created a year ago to raise funds for Extra Life: The Hedgicorn.

The hedgicorn grew out out of an idea I had to create something which was cute but powerful. The group at my weekly (then) D&D sessions was heading into the FaeWylde and I wanted something a little out of the ordinary to amuse and ultimately test them. For all their cuteness the hedgicorn packs a punch, especially if they come together in defense of something.

So I have reposted The Hedgicorn for download on my Itch page. It is listed as pay what you want so feel free to take it home to your own table. But if you do feel inclined to throw a few bucks at it, all proceeds from now until the inevitable heat death of the universe will go to Extra Life. Currently the creature is statted for 5e, but I plan to include stats and info for other games as time goes on. Those will be added to the PDF as I finish them, so anyone who has purchased it will have access to that.

And if you use my hedgicorn buddy at the table, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear stories of what yours have gotten up to. The two my group has so far encountered are delightful with just a hint of scry, which is pretty much the tone I wanted.

Short and sweet this week, but stay tuned next week as I try to give you some Holiday watching and shopping advice. Take care!

[Editor’s Note: because he didn’t link it himself, you can help donate directly to Brent’s fundrising for Extra Life and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation HERE. -dc]




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