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Welcome, nerds! I took a long rest but now I’m back to brighten/darken your Mondays here in The Rat Hole. So much has gone on in the TTRPG space since took my little sabbatical, it was hard to know what to write my first post back. But while I was away I took time to consider my priorities, what I ultimately wanted from my articles here and on my own site, Renaissance Gamer. In a future article I will talk about my, not so much a shift, but a solidification of my TTRPG priorities. But for today let’s focus on “uplift”, and talk about some of the folks giving back, as well as one of our own who needs our support.

DragonMeet Marginalized Folk Bundle: DragonMeet is one of the biggest and best TTRPG conventions in the UK. It’s on my list of cons for when I can travel internationally safely again. Hobbyists and creators from all over get together to play games, talk about the industry, and make connections with each other. Besides being a good time, conventions like this can be important to creators looking to expand their circle and show their work to a broader audience. All too often, however, marginalized creators can find the expense of these types of shows to be out of reach. That’s why industry creators @pangalactic, @iammattsanders, and @JellyMuppet have gathered to organize a special bundle on Itch, to help marginalized creators attend DragonMeet. Nineteen TTRPG creators have donated their work to this bundle, which goes for the astoundingly low price of $20. Every $250 raised will help one marginalized creator defray the costs of attending DragonMeet, which has donated twenty convention tickets to the cause.

Image description: The title in white capital letters reads “TTRPG Bundle for Afghan Support”. The image shows a Black woman wearing red clothes. She is in a sunlit forest, kneeling in front of a glowing flower and tugging at strands of mist that drift from the flower. The subtitle is in white text on a black bar, and reads “73 games and supplements from indie creators, from dieselpunk to vampire housemates” credit @GameResTrez for the artwork.

It can be hard to overstate the benefit to creators who are able to attend these types of events. The relationships made, the exposure, heck, just being able to shoot the shit with your fellow creators is invaluable. The more marginalized creators who can have this experience, the better our hobby and industry grow. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen! The DragonMeet Marginalized Folk Bundle is available for a little over six more weeks, but grab it as soon as you can!

TTRPG Charity Bundle for Afghan Support: With the ongoing humanitarian tragedy in Afghanistan it can be difficult for one person to know how to help. That’s why TTRPG creator @Shimmin_Beg has organized the TTRPG Charity Bundle for Afghan Support. Quoting the bundle page itself:

This bundle aims to support Afghans who are targeted by the Taliban for their activism, participation in the former legal system, or cooperation with international organizations.

Thirty Seven creators have joined him in this, providing more than seventy games etc, for a bundle packed with impressive content. But wait, that’s not all! If the bundle raises more than $5000 (which it has as of this writing), each donor will receive a brand new game about ‘…Brit school hijinks’ from the bundle organizer. And if the bundle raises $10,000 all donors will receive a second, brand new, free game. Again, you can get everything in the bundle for the ridiculously low price of $20 and help people going through the worst moments of their lives. Thank you to everyone involved in this, giving your creations to aid folks in another part of the world. This bundle is available for only three more weeks, so don’t delay!

For this next section, Content Warning regarding sexual assault. Details are behind links, but I wanted folks to be aware.

Adelaide Gardner: Adelaide Gardner and I became mutuals on Twitter a few years back. She’s a delightful young cosplayer and TTRPG actual play performer, who spends a great deal of her time in the space uplifting the marginalized. While we don’t often speak directly, I’ve found Adelaide to be truly passionate about creating and defending a safe space within TTRPGs. In 2018, Adelaide spoke out about a sexual assault that was inflicted on her, in which she named her attacker. She also spoke out about it a year later, in support of other women coming forward about their assaults, and again named her attacker. As a result of this, her attacker took the not-at-all suspicious step of suing her for defamation in the UK courts. Adelaide wrote an article about being sued by her attacker, to help folks understand what is involved in something like this.

And Adelaide needs our help. As you might imagine, pursuing a legal defence in another country is expensive. Adelaide is willing to confront her attacker in court, but needs our help to afford the legal defence to do so. Anything you can donate will help, and if you can’t donate, please spread the word throughout the TTRPG space.

Are you going to get a bundle of games if you donate? No. Instead, you’ll help one of our own stand up to a bully, coward, and rapist. You will help make the gaming space just a little bit better and safer, by helping Adelaide defend against this spurious lawsuit. The men in our hobby and in video gaming who think they can carry out sexual assault with impunity, using defamation charges to silence their victims, must be shown that these tactics will not work, that they can no longer hide in the shadows. Adelaide is brave enough to confront her attacker and she deserves our support.

I especially want to call on all TTRPG publishers who have been vocal on Twitter about wanting to root these sexual assaulters and rapists out of the industry. Here’s your chance to back your supportive words with deeds. Donate to Adelaide’s defence fund and challenge your peers to do the same. You say you want to improve the industry? Show us. Support Adelaide and let her attacker know he has no support from you and yours.

That’s it for this Monday. I’ll see you next week, but in the meantime please answer these questions for yourself: who can I uplift in the TTRPG space? Who can I help? Feel free to tag us on Twitter and let us know. Take care!

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