RPG Blog Carnival: Random Dark Holiday Generator

[Editor’s Note: The RPG Blog Carnival for May is all about festivals and holidays this year. Last week we brought you Brent’s previous look at his Random Holiday Generator table, so this week we are similarly following up with his Dark Holiday Generator column that also originally ran the week after. -dc]

As part of this month’s RPG Blog Carnival, last week I gave you a random holiday generator. But looking at it afterward, I realized something. While it was a perfectly good way to generate a holiday or festival name for something celebrated by generally good people, it didn’t help the GM come up with dark or hidden celebrations. After all, evil cults have holidays as well, and worshippers of despicable gods deserve their holy days. What if you need a quick, but despicable, festival some underground (literally or not) organization is celebrating?

Now I’ve got you covered, my fair GM. I went back over my tables from last week, did some word swapping, and I think you’ll find you can generate some pretty nasty celebration names with a few dice rolls. As with last week’s tables, feel free to adjust the specific wording to better fit your campaign world. But now you know that, while the rest of the village might be lifting a glass in honour of the Festival of the Smiling Flumph, those cultists will be hidden in dark cellars chanting out despicable hymns for the Harrowing of the Creeping Martyr.

To start, roll a d4 to get the structure of the festival/holiday’s name. Then roll on the charts indicated to generate that name.

Roll d4:

  1. [Roll on A] of the [Roll on B] [Roll on C]
  2. [Roll on C](‘s) Day
  3. [Roll on B] [Roll on C] Festival
  4. Special Event; Roll on D, then roll d4 again, ignoring this result, to get the name.
Column A (roll d20)Column B (roll d20)Column C (roll d20)Column D (roll d8)
1. Eclipse1. Evil1. Epiphany1. Sacrifice
2. Lamentation2. Drunken2. Asp2. Ascension Day
3. Festival3. Blackened3. Demon3. Cultist Initiation
4. Flagellation4. Wicked4. Madman4. Solstice
5. Bloodletting5. Smiling5. Soil5. Equinox
6. Fall6. Pallid6. Advent6. Eclipse
7. Birth7. Omniscient7. Dragon7. Bachinallia
8. Harrowing8. Insidious8. Tentacle8. Ritual Combat
9. Embrace9. Creeping9. Sign
10. Rising10. Forbidden10. Blood
11. Night11. Terrible11. Raven
12. Burning12. Wondrous12. Imp
13. Feast13. Pestilent13. Spectre
14. Ascension14. Grasping14. Moon
15. Degradation15. Silent15. Possession
16. Ravaging16. Whistling16. Guardian
17. Soiling17. Toothsome17. Judgement
18. Howling18. Screaming18. Hag
19. Hollowing19. Pustulent19. Devil
20. Equinox20. Weeping20. Satyr

And of course, feel free to add your own words to this list, and change it however you like. You could also roll using some combination of both lists, to come up with truly bizarre and disturbing festivals and holidays. If you do, or if you come up with a list of your own, share it with us in the comments on our Facebook page. We’d love to see it.

And because I can’t get enough of them, if you want to enjoy a despicably entertaining evil campaign, I recommend listening to All Hail Yog. And excellent campaign with a talented cast, and thoroughly evil. You won’t be disappointed.

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