#ReadIndieRPGs – Day Twenty: Keeping the Lights On

Hello, Rat Holians! As I mentioned in my last post, all this month I am posting daily videos featuring Indie RPGs I love, and today is no exception. Welcome to Day Twenty, and a beautiful game about community and hope. This is Keeping the Lights On, by Hekla Björk Unnardóttir, part of the San Jenaro Co-op Digest, Volume Four. This game is definitely something you should play with friends if you have the chance. Not only does it allow the same escape as many other RPGs, something not to be discounted, I think it can help us model best behaviours in our current crisis. 

If you would like more of the San Jenaro Co-op Digests, you can find them all on DriveThruRPG and follow the San Janero Co-op on Twitter to get the latest news. You can also find Hekla Björk Unnardóttir on Twitter and more of their games on their Itch page.

Inspired by the recent #ReadtheDMG I wanted to do something similar to celebrate the Indie games I love. If you would like to record your own videos reading from an Indie game, please do and use #ReadIndieRPGs so we can find them. If you are not the creator I highly recommend seeking their permission first. 

And talk to me in the comments about your favourite Indie RPGs, I’d love to hear from you! I’ll be back in two weeks time with another post, until then, stay well and stay kind.