#ReadIndieRPGs – Day Six: A Hero’s Journey

Hello, all! Sorry I was away for a bit, my day job deals directly with the current *gestures at the world* we have going on, so I have been busy. But I am still active, working on old projects and coming up with new ones. Speaking of new ones…

 Inspired by the recent #ReadtheDMG I wanted to do something similar to celebrate the Indie games I love. So I have been recording daily videos, reading from some Indie games and resources I’m a fan of. So you get a taste of that today with my video for Day Six.

Maybe another Monday is nothing to sing about, but A Hero’s Journey by Jessica Marcrum definitely is! This is a song-filled PbtA game you can play with all your Karaoke and musical theatre pals.

For more by Jessica Marcrum you can check out her Itch page or follow along on Twitter or her webpage. I highly recommend one of her other games, “Squad Goals”, for some great Saturday Morning Cartoon action!

If you would like to record your own videos reading from an Indie game, please do and use #ReadIndieRPGs so we can find them. If you are not the creator I highly recommend seeking their permission first. 

If you want to watch the videos from Day One, Start Here! And talk to me in the comments about your favourite Indie RPGs, I’d love to hear from you!


You may have noticed the spiffy drawing of me, in the style of the Asterix & Oblix comics. The drawing is by one of my favourite artists and all-round good human, Lar. If you would like a drawing of your very own, please go to Lar’s Twitter page, and follow the instructions in the pinned tweet. It’s for a great cause!