Welcome to the New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome! I’m going to ease back into things and talk about the state of things and how I think these articles will move forward in 2021.

First, if you have been missing that good Renaissance Gamer content (and why wouldn’t you, I’m delightful) all through December I did daily videos on games and things in the Indie TTRPG space that I loved. You can spool up the playlist, play it in the background while you do other things, and at the end you’ll have 31+ new games to add to your read/play list. Some of them are solo TTRPGs so you don’t even have to wait to gether a group. There are some truly excellent games in there, so please check it out. And should you wish to see more, please hit the Subscribe button while you’re on the channel, it does help me out.

More videos leads nicely into one of the changes you will see in this space in the new year. I intend to keep making videos about TTRPGs that I am enjoying. While I won’t be doing them daily like I did in April and December, the trade off is that they’ll be slightly longer and better edited; given that I didn’t edit the daily videos at all, that’s not a hard bar to clear. So you may occasionally see, in place of an article, an embedded video of me talking about this or that in the TTRPG space.

I’m still going to write about things, though. I like stringing words together about TTRPGs so I have no plans to stop that anytime. And while I am getting used to talking out loud on camera, I still feel my most articulate when I write. So yes, you will still have to endure enjoy my thousand word ramblings about whatever has caught my fancy or ire in RPGs this week.

And apart from a switch in focus to less (read: none) articles about D&D and more about great Indie TTRPGs, much will remain the same. I’m still going to talk about campaign creation, cooking for your players (to save up for when in-person play is eventually a thing again), games and shows and other things I love in the TTRPG space, and so on. I will occasionally also take aim at things I think need to improve, because despite what the “eternal positivity” crowd would have you believe it is not a sin to expect the things you care about to do better (side-eye at WotC and CR et al).

Most of all, I plan to have fun and share that fun with all of you. TTRPGs are first and foremost games, which means they are supposed to be fun. So I want to balance out the necessary “shape up!” articles with a look at great games, channels, and people in our hobby.

So that’s my scribbled on a napkin lan for 2021. I hope you’ll join us here at The Rat Hole for more gaming goodness in the new year, and that you will enjoy some of the things I have coming. As always, if you want to reach out you can comment here or on Twitter, and we’ll respond. And if you think there is something I absolutely must see, drop me a line. I’m always excited to hear from folx about cool stuff in TTRPGs. Take care and keep wearing your masks!