Red Flags (The Date Deck)

Welcome back to Skybound Saturday Saturday in the Rat Hole. The end of every month, we look at a different expansion for Skybound Games’ various hit party games. If you have never played Red Flags before, a good place to start would be our review of the Core Game. This month, we’ll be looking at The Date Deck expansion.

The Date Deck. Something seems different here. Sexy Red Flags, Dark Red Flags, Festive Red Flags, Nerdy Red Flags, The Date Deck. That doesn’t parse right. Open the tuck box and you’ll see why fairly quickly, there are no white or red backed cards, only a deep wine colour. The Date Deck is comprised strictly of scenarios that the prospective suitors are going to be judged on their desirability for.

This can make for a very different style of game. It’s a bit of a stretch to call everything in this a “date” because they really are scenarios, akin to the purple cards in Superfight, but dating is the point of the game so the thematic stretch is acceptable.

Some of the cards are actually fairly date-like, like “Person you’d want to have a romantic evening with at Chuck E. Cheese’s”. Others are a somewhat campier like “Person you’d want to live forever with as a vampire” or “person you’d want to live in the 1950’s with”.

Not all the situations are a G-rated as that, however. You’d have to really work to make “Person you’d most want to invite to a threesome” G-rated. But I can’t even think of a situation where “Person you’d most want to star in a porno with (Even though it objectifies women)” wouldn’t be sexual. Although you could argue “Person you’d most like to hire as a poolboy (Even though it objectifies poolboys)” isn’t sexual. Right? (For the record, the parentheses are actually part of the card showing both self awareness and amazingly self-referential humour.)

Sometimes when you’re playing Red Flags you find yourself with the absolute perfect red flag card to play on someone. The Date Deck, sometimes, throws that plan out the window. Normally you want to entice the Bachelor(ette) to be attracted to you and hate the other players, but when the date card drawn is “Person you’d want to watch die” or “Person you’d cheat on” the whole game gets shaken up.

The Date Deck makes for an interesting twist to the game, if you play Red Flags regularly. Personally, this wasn’t my favourite addition to the game, but that opinion was not unanimous amongst my players. I guess we’ll see if people want me to break it out next time we play.  

OH! I just figured out a non-sexual porno! When you’re not at work/school look at this CollegeHumor story on Ryan Creamer!l

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