Red Flags (Nerdier Red Flags deck)

Welcome back to Skybound Saturday in the Rat Hole. This month, we will be looking at another expansion for Skybound Games’ second hit party game, Red Flags. If you have never played Red Flags before, a good place to start would be our review of the Core Game. This month, we’ll be looking at the Nerdier Red Flags expansion.

Last month we looked at the Nerdy Dirty deck for Superfight, so the natural deck to follow that with is Nerdier Red Flags. Red Flags is already a potentially dirty game, and Skybound has successfully made it nerdy before. That’s why this is “Nerdier”, they already did “Nerdy Red Flags

While I was working on this review, a friend picked up this deck from my desk and flipped through it. Her response was “I think I need this game…” While that sentiment has overwhelmingly been echoed virtually every time I’ve introduced new people to Red Flags, the sort of company I tend to keep has been drawn even more so to the Nerdy and Nerdier Red Flags decks. I dunno, maybe my friends and I are just a bunch of nerds? of my favourite things about Red Flags, and its expansions, is that depending on the group and how often you play you can often get away without the core deck. That’s not saying that the original game isn’t amazing. It is. But once I had a handle on what was specifically in this deck, I played a few amazing games with just the nerdy themed decks mixed together, and a few more with only the Dark Red/Darker Red and Sexy Red Flags decks (which are exclusively red-backed Red Flag and white-backed Perk cards, respectively) thrown in just to flesh things out a bit.

Some of our readers may know that I play quidditch. Yes, really. The first team I played for was the Central Alberta Centaurs, so naturally, having a perk be THE SEXIEST CENTAUR YOU’VE EVER SEEN was going to be a win for me. But the cheeky combination of HOT LIKE A LANNISTER, COOL LIKE A STARK [which naturally means they] CAN GET YOU INTO ALL OF THE EXCLUSIVE AVENGERS PARTIES AT STARK TOWERS was pretty epic, even if they WILL ONLY SLEEP WITH YOU IN FULL PLATE ARMOR.

I won’t lie, I almost had to select a mediocre suitor on principle, just because of the red flag: THEIR FAVOURITE MARVEL MOVIE IS “HULK” (2003), which is highly underrated and has an amazing soundtrack that is literally on my phone right now. I’m also not convinced that SMEAGOL IN THE STREETS, GOLLUM IN THE SHEETS is necessarily an automatic bad thing…

I don’t think I have much to say on this deck, that I haven’t said before. This game and this expansion are an unmitigated hit at my game table, period.

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