Red Flags (Festive Red Flags deck)

Welcome back to Skybound Saturday Saturday in the Rat Hole. The end of every month, we look at a different expansion for Skybound Games’ various hit party games. If you have never played Red Flags before, a good place to start would be our review of the Core Game. This month, we’ll be looking at the Festive Red Flags expansion.

We’ve reached the time of year that I, apparently, can’t calendar. So the November edition is coming to you on December 1. Sorry about that, moving on.

As I mentioned, it’s December, which means even the cold, black, lump of coal, I have for a heart can be a bit more festive. But that doesn’t mean I’m not still full of spite, it’s just festive spite. So whether you are looking for a date to take to the Yule Ball, or like being a horrible person, this game is for you.

Festive Red Flags can completely be played on its own in a small enough group. It’s what I like to refer to as semi-standalone. Why only “semi”? well mostly because the core game has 500 cards split between Perks (good traits) and Red Flags (bad traits), the Festive Red Flags deck is only 75 cards split about 50/50. It is completely playable as a small standalone game, but I for anything more than a small group (and often even then) I tend to shuffle them into the top 1/3 or so of the core deck or with another expansion or 2. (Dark Red Flags and Sexy Red Flags aren’t standalone so are perfect for doing this with).

The white Perk cards are great. There’s a little something for everyone, depending on your holiday traditions and level of snarky. Perhaps they “Live in a life-sized gingerbread house with modern amenities”, maybe they “Can cast actual spells during the winter solstice”, or has “VIP access to all the best holiday parties”. For the real pot-stirrers in the crowd they might “Have no opinions about the designs on the holiday Starbucks cups”, but all know that’s less realistic than the gingerbread house one.

As good as the Perks are, the winter blue Red Flag cards are even better. There are a couple of nice nods to Krampus in there, as well as stuff like “Thinks Scrooge was the good guy” and “Chops down every Christmas tree they see’. But there are few moments in gaming better than having one person who “Never stops caroling” and another who “Hunts Christmas carolers for sport”. I need to send extra love for “Boxes everyone on Boxing Day – Thinks every day is Boxing Day” for both acknowledging this distinctly non-American day, as well as poking fun at the majority of Americans who have zero clue what Boxing Day is.

Not unlike Superfight’s Naughty & Nice Deck, Festive Red Flags lets you take the best and the worst of the holiday season, and just lay it all out there with your friends. So put an extra shot of rum in your eggnog, mull some wine, and get ready for great game night.

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