Red Flags (Fairy Tale Red Flags deck)

Welcome back to Skybound Saturday Saturday in the Rat Hole. The end of every month, we look at a different expansion for Skybound Games’ various hit party games. If you have never played Red Flags before, a good place to start would be our review of the Core Game. This month, we’ll be looking at the Festive Red Flags expansion.

Myth, folklore and fairy tales have always been a love of mine. In post-secondary I was told not to take a Folklore and Children’s Literature class because the workload made it nearly impossible to pass with my major, it ended up my highest mark in an English class ever. Even the name of this website, The Rat Hole, comes from my time in Hameln, Germany and the legend of The Pied Piper.

With that being said, I’ve been looking forward to cracking into Fairy Tale Red Flags since it crossed my desk. Like many decks, it’s a semi-standalone. For five players we actually only shuffled in roughly a matching amount of cards from the Core set. I like doing that with smaller groups because it just packs in more of the theme of the expansion. Depending on the players, sometimes I only add in the Dark Red and Sexy decks, which are solely Red Flag and Perk cards, respectively, for a more grown-up experience.

Fairy Tales are such a huge area to draw from, that they could probably release a sequel or five to this deck, but it does a good job holding its own. The white Perk cards have the usual mix of specifics, like “Cinderella”, and general tropes, like “Their father is a king” and “Can spin straw into gold”. Some are just perfect like “Wears a sexy red hood everywhere” and “Has a hookup with the muffin man. The muffin man? The muffin man!”

The red-backed Red Flag cards have some exceptional stuff as well. Whether that princess over there is “Constantly in distress” or maybe “They’re definitely an old witch in disguise” there’s something not quite right about them. Oh right, that’s half the point here.

Red Flags is consistently a hit at any gathering I’ve pulled it out for. Obviously, not every cards or every expansion is for every crowd. But Fairy Tale Red Flags is one that makes for a solid addition for pretty well anyone.

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