Red Flags (Darker Red Flags deck)

Welcome back to Skybound Saturday in the Rat Hole. This month, we will be looking at another expansion for Skybound Games’ second hit party game, Red Flags. If you have never played Red Flags before, a good place to start would be our review of the Core Game. This month, we’ll be looking at the Darker Red Flags expansion.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve pulled out Red Flags. But the last Skybound Saturday of 2019 deserves to be one about finding a date. Moving this review to the first post of 2020 (so The Rat Hole staff can enjoy the holidays) doesn’t make it less of an appropriate PSA. If you are reading this and you notice any of these red flags in your New Year’s Eve date, you should probably run away quickly, if you haven’t already.

If you took the advice at the top of this page, and read our Core Game review, you already know that Red Flags is a game about finding several potentially great dates, and then finding how awful they really are. The Core Game puts out some awkward red flags. The Dark Red Flags expansion lived up to its name and went to some dark places. Darker Red Flags also lives up to its name and goes darker. This can be said for most games like this, but even more so for Darker Red Flags, know your players. There are some cards in this one that could be legitimately uncomfortable for some people. Consider flipping through the cards in advance and removing some if you feel it’s necessary. That being said, this is a game. It is very specifically a game about making horrible choices between potentially horrible options. Enjoy the game for what it is, but be respectful of your other players.

Like Dark Red Flags before it, Darker Red Flags is entirely made up of negative red flag cards. That means it obviously can’t be played on its own. But it can be combined opposite the Sexy Red Flags deck for a small game, or used to fill out any of the semi-standalone decks. Personally, I’m hoping for a Sexier Red Flags deck in the future, to balance this one out.

My earlier content warning notwithstanding, there are some great cards in this set. HOT MESS! (DRAW TWO RANDOM RED FLAG CARDS) is a card that’s been missing from this game for much too long. Some, like HAS A TATTOO OF YOUR MOM ON THEIR GENITALS (DON’T MAKE IT WEIRD), will shock you. Others, like DOESN’T BELEIVE IN SCIENCE… ANY OF IT, are just hilarious.

Also befitting a new year review, this deck doesn’t shy away from the politics of the past year, with a good handful of shots at trump supporters or if you want a less repugnant option, IS JEFFERY DAHMER can be a thing as well. [Editors Note: If that comment falls into the category of “too offensive” for you, you may be reading the wrong website. Not remotely sorry. -dc]

Even if you choose to take out cards that won’t be enjoyed by your particular group of friends, there is still a ton of other great cards in here to make it worth picking up.

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