Red Flags (Con Red Flags deck)

Welcome back to Skybound Saturday Saturday in the Rat Hole. The end of every month, we look at a different expansion for Skybound Games’ various hit party games. If you have never played Red Flags before, a good place to start would be our review of the Core Game. This month, we’ll be looking at the Con Red Flags expansion.

It can be argued that there really isn’t a “Convention Season” it certainly slows down around Christmas, but it never realllllly ends. That being said, for me convention season ends around November and restarts in April with the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. I had three other conventions in the month leading up to Expo, but I always think of them as a sort of preseason. So with what I define as “convention season” underway, it is fitting that this month I talk about the Red Flags expansion, Con Red Flags.

I think that of all of the Red Flags expansion decks, this one speaks to me the most. I get the references and the passion that both the Perk cards and the Red Flag cards evoke. Interestingly, and understandably, there are a ton of cards that mirror each other. “For as long as you date them you’re immune to con crud” and “For as long as you date them you’ll have con crud” or “Likes all the same fandoms as you” and “Hates every fandom you love” are great examples of this. The nice thing is that they are both perfectly playable on the same suiter if spun right.

As with every Red Flags deck (and honestly most “judged” party games), some of the Perks may be more damaging to a players argument than the Red Flags. I don’t collect or save them, so the negative “Steals your badge at every convention and refuses to give it back” wouldn’t bother me but as an actual photographer, the Perk of “Professional Instagram Photographer” would probably be a near-impossible sell for me.

I can pretty much go through this entire deck and love every card. Some are dark, like “In tribute to George R.R. Martin they’re banging their sibling”, others are hilariously whimsical, like “Has a magical fanny pack full of fresh gourmet food”, while others are legitimately about personality like “Asks actually interesting questions at panels”. I was also pleasantly surprised to see only two Perk cards that reference a specific person (you’ll have to track down a copy, I’m not spoiling this one).

Just like the Superfight Con Deck, this is actually a convention exclusive expansion. So next time you’re at a convention with Skybound Games, go say hi and pick up Con Red Flags.

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