Rambo: The Board Game (Kickstarter)

I have a confession to make, I was a bit of an odd kid. I didn’t really watch many of the great movies of my time, and more often than not, I never bothered to go back to watch them later. As a result, I have no recollection of ever watching a Rambo movie. That ‘s not to say I didn’t know about Rambo, I was a nerd in a small town, not a hermit under a rock. So when I saw that Everything Epic had a Rambo board game in development, I didn’t have the immediate nostalgia wow moment some people might have, but I knew enough to see the exciting potential. Add to that, the opportunity to see some of the miniatures from their Big Trouble in Little China game (in pre-orders now) and the opportunity to test out their upcoming psychological horror game Coma Ward, and I was pretty certain Rambo: The Board Game would be great.

Flash forward a few months, and Rambo: The Boardgame is live on Kickstarter, and having fully funded in about a day, is now clicking away at various cool stretch goals. One of the interesting choices that Everything Epic has made, is that neither the Kickstarter exclusives nor the two expansions will be receiving a full retail release. If you are lucky, you might be able to pick one up at a convention, but otherwise, it’s now or never.

If you aren’t someone who cares about expansions, you can back the $60 (USD) level that will get you the core game and many of the stretch goals that don’t involve the expansions. If you do decide to jump up to the $100 and $150 levels you not only get the First Blood expansion and Blood in the Desert expansion, but both levels also get you a significant upgrade to your core game as well. The Core game comes with miniatures for the four heroes but only cardboard standees for the enemies. At the higher pledge levels, the standees are replaced with plastic minis, and the expansions are chalked full of new minis as well.

Everything about this game is really well planned out. It comes with several sealed scenarios, that expand the story and game as each subsequent mission in them is completed. Players don’t just walk through the movie plots, but there are unique missions as well so you never really know what to expect. Similarly, there is a fog of war mechanic that keeps the players from knowing exactly what they will face, until they are neck deep in the action.

There is nothing in this game that doesn’t live up to the company name. So to be completely stereotypical about it: everything Everything Epic does is Epic. Rambo: The Board Game is no exception.

You can back Rambo: The Board Game on Kickstarter until February 21, 2018.

Everything Epic is online at www.everythingepic.us and on Facebook at facebook.com/EverythingEpicGames