Rally 7 (Indiegogo)

Ok, I need to start with a fast disclaimer here: I am, in no way, impartial for this preview. I’ve been playing Rally 7 since it’s first print run 15 years ago and was even interviewed about it for this campaign. I currently own 2 boards and will be backing this for a third (and likely a couple more for 2018 Christmas gifts)

Rally 7 is a simple, but fun, two-player board game that combines a good balance of luck and strategy. A player rolls six dice (three green and three white) any two dice that add up to 7 are set aside and the remaining dice are scored. The wood board has six movement lanes, numbered one through six, and a scoring track on the side. The active player moves their peg in the matching movement lane one space for each die showing that number. The second player then does the same.

When a peg reaches the end of its movement track, dice are then scored as points (one point for 1s, two points for 2s, three points for 3s, etc) instead of moved. Points can also be earned if the player rolls any three sets of 7, with additional points for rolling a straight (1,2,3,4,5,6). When a player has all of their pegs home and has the highest score, the game is over.

There is a bit of a slow time near the end of the game when you need a specific die roll to finish the game, but overall it’s a ton of fun. There are also rules for bumping your opponents backward and doubling your movement which adds an extra touch of strategy to your plays.

Even after several years of playing and reviewing a steady stream of games, this is a game I will still pull for a nice light evening. The board is made of wood and about the size of a cribbage board, which makes it an ideal game to toss into your backpack for a camping trip or even a drink in the pub.

Backers in the Edmonton, AB area can arrange for a local pickup to save on shipping, and there may be additional pick up points announced in the future.

You can back Rally 7 on Indiegogo until January 3, 2018.