Rad Zone (Kickstarter)

Yesterday I looked dark Dark Force Incursion, a solo print-and-play game from DR Games. It is one of the few PnP games that I legitimately really enjoy. In looking around for more about it, I learned that designer Toby Lancaster was about to launch Rad Zone on Kickstarter. That is now live, so here we are.

Rad Zone is another PnP roll-and-write for one player. The player takes control of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic future. One survivor at a time must venture out from the safety of their radiation bunker, collecting vital resources, bringing back new survivors, and avoiding radiation-crazed bandits. If your community grows to 40 survivors or lasts for 10 episodes, you win. If 10 or more survivors cease to survive, you lose.

While billed as a print-and-play product, there is the option for a printed version, which for a ~40 rulebook is definitely nice. On top of the rules, maps, etc, that come with the game the player will need to provide least three regular six-sided dice (preferably in different colours), a pencil and eraser, and green, yellow, and red, pen or pencil crayon (or “colouring pencil” if you’re geographically just wrong.)

Pledge levels start at £5 (GBP) for the PDF version of the game, £15 for a softcover printed version, or £30 for a hardback edition. Both print versions also include a softcover template book for photocopying maps and such. For an extra £3, a 25-page pad of pre-printed episode sheets can be added to the physical editions.

The campaign funded in less than a day, and as I write this is well on its way to the first stretch goal. Something I’d LOVE to see added as a stretch goal is a simple app to replace as much of the paper as possible. It doesn’t need to be a full-fledged digital version of the game, just a way to reduce waste where possible. I mentioned this in my Dark Force Incursion review as well, so maybe it’s a universal “DR Games Companion” app with in-app purchases to expand it.

Rad Zone looks like it will be a ton of fun, and I’m looking forward to digging into the finished project. Bring on the bomb, so we can do this thing. (Not really. Don’t do that. Bad plan. Bad plan. No nukes, please.)

You can back Rad Zone on Kickstarter until April 26, 2021.

DR Games can be found online at dark-realm-games.blogspot.com or on Facebook as Dark Realms Maps at facebook.com/Dark-Realm-Maps-297212987513285.

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