Pixies, Wyrms, Demonicity (Kickstarter)

Here in The Rat Hole, we’ve reviews much of Dyskami Publishing’s BESM4 collection. The game, and most of its releases to date, have been pretty great. You can read our review of the Core Rulebook HERE, so I’ll skip those details today.

The Tri-Stat System that powers BESM4, is intended to cover a huge variety of themes and genres. That goal immediately means a lot of extra pages in the rulebook (and an entire additional sourcebook of Extras) to cover everything. The three mini-game box sets being offered in this campaign go the opposite direction, hyper-focusing on the specific elements of those games. According to the campaign page, each box-set contains:

  • a 32-page full-colour rulebook that gives your group everything you need to play, with sections on character abilities, magical spells/paranormal powers, weapons and equipment, enemy encounters, items and equipment, and guidelines for integrating the Tri-Stat System game with the compatible BESM Fourth Edition RPG
  • 6 brief story scenarios so you can start playing adventures right away
  • 6 pre-generated player character sheet handouts, with game stats and illustration
  • 4 custom-etched dice specific to that boxed set

The pledge levels are fairly straightforward. $15, $30, or $40 (USD) gets you a digital copy of one, two, or all three games. $35, $70, or $100 gets you the same in both digital and physical format. There are a bunch of add-ons, but no apparent stretch goals (which could always change). A nice thing about the $35 and $70 pledges is that you can choose different PDF copies and physical copies, meaning if you bought the physical box of Pixies, you could get the Pixies, Wyrms, or Demonicity PDF at no extra cost.

I will admit that anytime I see “brief story scenarios” I hesitate because I prefer a more detailed adventure module. However, that’s just the sort of GM I am and how I like to run games. For other GMs, it may be exactly what they want and need. Other than that, you’ll get new content to bring to your game table if you already know BESM 4 and the Tri-Stat System. If you’re new, think of these as a sort of bulked-up beginner/quickstart set that will get you playing quickly. Either way, these are a great investment.

You can back Pixies, Wyrms, Demonicity – Three Mini Role-Playing Games on Kickstarter until August 4, 2021.

You can find more about BESM products at BESM4.life and all of The Dyskami Publishing Company’s games at www.dyskami.ca or on Facebook at facebook.com/dyskami.

American customers can also pick up Dyskami games through Japanime Games at japanimegames.com and facebook.com/JapanimeGames.

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