Pathfinder (Extinction Curse Adventure Path pt 2 of 6)

Legacy of the Lost God

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This is part two of seven in a comprehensive review of the entire Extinction Curse Adventure Path. You’ll be able to read all the parts below.
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[EDITORS NOTE: If this is your first experience with the Second Edition Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, you may want to consider starting with our previous review of the Core Rulebook. -dc]

Picture it. Way back in the old times, when the world was in a very different place. Let’s call this bygone era “March”. Back in March, I returned to Canada just as the world basically came to an end. At the very least, it came to a grinding halt. Anywho, I came back to a desk of boxes, including the first part of the Extinction Curse Adventure Path. I loved it, and normally that would be the end of things. Regular readers will have noticed I generally only review the first part of any given adventure path for either Pathfinder or Starfinder. But when the opportunity presented itself to get the rest of the Extinction Curse came up, I jumped on it and here we are. Last week I re-shared my review of The Show Must Go On, exactly as I wrote it with the addition of the “this is a series” note you see at the start of this review. So, while that is the first part of the Adventure, this is the real start for the series. Welcome or welcome back, as applicable.

Legacy of the Lost God is, as I sort of mentioned, the second part in the six-part adventure path, Extinction Curse. I make it a habit to avoid spoilers, but the back cover isn’t really a spoiler, so let’s start with that official blurb:

“The Circus of Wayword Wonders arrives in the bustling Escadar, eager for fortune and fame. The heroes must confront foul forces in a buried temple to learn more about the looming threat facing the Starstone Isles. Their investigations put the heroes on a collision course with their circus’s greatest rival: the cruel catwalk Mistress Dusklight, ringmaster of the Celestial Menagerie!”

Coming out of Part 1, the characters should all have hit the 5th level, and should similarly end Part 2 at the 9th level. Everything is structured very similarly to the first part, and I assume later parts as well. The inside covers feature six new NPC circus performers that players may encounter, and have the opportunity to hire, during the course of the adventure. These performers are at a comparable level to the heroes, which is again something I expect to continue in the next parts. Having higher-level performers means a better circus! I promise I’ll go into more detail on how the circus rules work in future weeks, but in short; the players are responsible for putting on successful a show in each city they visit, thus integrating their travelling circus into gameplay instead of simply using it as a plot device to move them from adventure to adventure. Both the individual characters and the circus as a whole have a ton of opportunities to perform if they are really into that part of the game, but after the first part it doesn’t get forced down their throats if they find that it’s not really for them.

If weirdos – I mean players – don’t love the circus theme, they can rest assured that Extinction Curse isn’t all literal clowning around. (Yes, it is incredibly likely that I’ll make that joke in every review.) There is a good chunk of more traditional dungeon crawling action in Legacy of the Lost God. Ultimately there is a little something for everyone in these adventures.

The closing matter in this volume wasn’t my favourite. “Among the Xulgoths” provides a bunch of history on the Xulgoth culture, which I hope will become more important as the adventure progresses. Mistress Dusklight, Ringmaster of the Celestial Menagerie, has been a focal antagonist in the first two parts, and “The Catfolk of Golarion” article helps frame her in an interesting light in comparison to the rest of her kind; while her two-page NPC entry at the end of the Adventurers Toolbox section serves to focus the picture inside that frame. The Toolbox section also includes new magical items and Circus Spells, plus a Bestiary section that includes the amazing Muse Phantom that I want more of, more than I probably should.

Two parts down, four to go. What will our heroes find hiding in Life’s Long Shadows? I’ll be back in two weeks to let you know.

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