Palm Island (Kickstarter)

Have you ever been stuck in a long line with nothing to do? Are you sick of killing your phone battery on mobile games and the book of faces? It’s convention season, so for me and many of my friends the answer to those is very much yes. If you also said yes, Palm Island is designed exactly for you.

The game is designed to be played Solo, but can also be played in either a cooperative or competitive mode with other players. There is no table required, everything is held and played in the palm of your hand. WAIT… Palm Island, palm of your hand, I see what they did there. Very nice Portal Dragon.

The game has 17 cards; you start by setting them all to their starting orientation, then shuffle them making sure not to flip any cards around. You will go through the resulting deck eight times. saving and spending resource cards, upgrading cards (by changing their orientation), and trying to get the best score you can at the end of the eight rounds.

From the gameplay videos I’ve seen, this looks like a lot of fun packed into a little box. I also appreciate the low costs of this campaign. $5(USD) gets you a Print-and-Play version, $16 gets you TWO copies of the game for multiplayer goodness, $18 gets you the same but with weather resistant, plastic, cards. Let me tell you, for a $2 difference I’m all over that! Free shipping in the US and only $2 shipping to most other places, makes this a super affordable game.

I backed Portal Dragon’s Pick The Lock when it came out and it was a good game, I wasn’t in a position to back Zephyr: Winds of Change when it launched, but it looks amazing. As I write this spotlight, Palm Island has already funded and blown away 6/7 stretch goals. So not only is it going to happen, but it looks like an unmitigated hit.

You can back Palm Island on Kickstarter until March 13, 2018.

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