No Thank You, Evil! reprint (Kickstarter)

Last week I gave you a review of the No Thank You, Evil! Core Box Set and mentioned that the reprint Kickstarter was online. Today I’m going to look at that Kickstarter campaign, but you should take a few minutes to read over my previous review as I don’t plan to go over much of those details.

With the first printing of NTYE mostly sold out, and very hard to find, a reprint was obviously going to happen. One of the advantages of running it through Crowdfunding is the upfront payments allow that to happen much faster. The core game’s reprint should be done and ready to go by November, so perfectly timed for the holiday season. Everything else in the campaign is (so far) planned for a July release, so basically just far enough out for the payments to clear. Monty Cook Games already has a strong webstore and distribution process, which means fulfillment gets handled in-house making it easy to arrange in-person pickups at events like GenCon. If you do NOT have a US shipping address and can use the pickup option, I HIGHLY recommend it.

No matter what your level of experience is with this game there is a pledge level for you. If you’ve never played, or you’ve played but don’t have a copy, the Basic Box level is only $40 (USD). If you do you can get a set of three PDF adventures via “Bee Mail” for only $15, or that plus all of the previous releases (minus the core game) for $85. That’s the new Bee Mail, More Story, Please!, Uh Oh, Monsters!, I’m a Guide
$110 gets you absolutely everything.

In addition, they have a retailer level, that amounts to a small down payment, and an amazing level for schools and not-for-profits to get copies of the game at an incredible cut rate. I can’t stress enough just how impressed I am when a publisher has a charity level. Youth are our future, and it’s adults most important job to support them and help them create that future. Monte Cook Games has a great history of working with the community and they included a resource list of three not-for-profits that use No Thank You, Evil! and I had the pleasure of talking to another one this past weekend that is backing at this level.

If you didn’t go check out my game review at the start, you should read it now for more info. Because Monty Cook Games has such a great following, a lot of their potential backers already have most of what this campaign brings to the table. As such, it hasn’t been funding nearly as quickly as their previous campaigns. They do have stretch goals planned but have been holding off announcing them for the moment. I have no doubt that this will eventually fund, but it’s not something that you should wait to back based on the extra stuff. Go back it now, and you can always adjust your pledge later if you need to.

You can back No Thank You, Evil! on Kickstarter until June 4, 2018.

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