Necromolds (Kickstarter)

You might think running a tabletop game site is aiming at a pretty specific demographic. Gatekeeping BS aside, that’s not entirely wrong. But even at that, The Rat Hole covers a huge amount of ground for being a small site. Regular readers will know that we put out content seven days a week some weeks, but rarely do we have more than one CrowdFUNding Spotlight in a week, and even then we try reeeeeally hard to only run them on Wednesdays. That becomes occasionally awkward when a really cool campaign comes out on a Thursday and blows up before we can look at it. 

On the one hand, yay for them for doing great, and yay us for making good choices on what to feature. On the other hand, it’s difficult knowing there are probably really great campaigns that could use another push to get where they need to be. Necromolds is one of those campaigns that looks too cool not to feature here, but that funded in under 12 hours, a week before we could touch it, so we bumped it back an extra week to feature a game that wasn’t funded yet.

Seriously though, watch their campaign video (conveniently embedded at top of this Spotlight) and tell me it doesn’t look cool. If you’re of a certain age, it screams nostalgia for games and toys of days gone by. If you’re a gamer, it makes you wonder if it works. If you’re not really either of those things, why are even you here? (Also, welcome. I hope you stick around.)

How the game works, is that both players have 3oz of soft clay to create an army. Less powerful creatures take less clay, more powerful creatures use more clay. Put the clay into a mould, close it, remove the excess clay and you have your creature. Repeat with the rest of your clay. From there, it’s a pretty typical war game, but the rules have been designed with tiered complexity letting players of all ages play and have fun. The one thing that makes Necromolds stand out the most is that when a creature is killed they aren’t removed from the play area. Instead, that creature is smashed down with an oversized “Caster Ring” and the resulting wax-seal-looking splat of clay is left where it died. There is something extra satisfying in not only winning a battle but literally crushing your opponent when you do so.

I didn’t realize this when I first saw Necromolds, or even when I started this Spotlight, but designer Clint Bohaty also designed Hounded which is a seriously great two-player game.

Pledge levels start at $20 (USD) for a Monster Pack containing two Spell Books moulds, 3oz of soft clay, and a random Caster Ring. It does NOT include the full game. $39 is the first level to include the full game, including three Spell Book moulds. $99 is the full game including all nine of the planned Spell Book moulds and a bonus mystery ring pack. Finally, $149 gets pretty well everything, including the unlocked fourth Monster Pack and enough dice/tools for four players, and a complete set of Casting Rings.

This looks like a blast. It’s a great way to get younger kids into the gaming hobby, but with enough to it for adults to play and enjoy it just as much as the kids.

You can back Necromolds on Kickstarter until Dec 14, 2019.

You can find Necromolds LLC online at or on Facebook at