My Father’s Work (Kickstarter)

This is going to be a short CrowdFUNding Spotlight, today. I wasn’t actually planning to write anything this week, but My Father’s Work is simply too cool not to talk about.

Taking place over three generations, each player is vying to become the most infamous (mad) scientist ever. You’ll be collecting resources to fulfil your family legacy by completing wild experiments, amidst one of four scenarios (so far).

The physical design of the game is nothing short of elegant. The main board has an inset for the spiral-bound map books to lay flat. The player boards are similarly dual-layered to keep components neatly in place both on and underneath them. The GameTrayz inserts appear brilliant (as GameTrayz usually are). There’s space in the box for the (already unlocked) stretch goal scenario boxes. The ingredient components are gorgeous. There is an interactive companion app that acts as a GameMaster, handling the TRILLIONS of story options that would otherwise double the already big box. I could rant longer, but you get the idea.

There is only one non-retailer pledge level. $99 (USD) for the full shebang. It’s important to note that only retailers who back the campaign will ever carry My Father’s Work, as it will not be available through their regular commercial distributors. Once this campaign is complete, the only way to get it (at a higher cost, of course) will be directly through Renegade Games.

This game really does look incredible, and I’m excited to see the finished product. It’s a pricey buy-in, to be sure, but for what I can tell it will be worth it.

You can back My Father’s Work on Kickstarter until May 12, 2021.

Renegade Game Studios is online at or on Facebook at

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