King’s Keys Deck (Kickstarter)

So I’d like to start this with an apology. The Rat Hole was generously sent an advanced copy of the King’s Keys Deck. We are small and sometimes the real world gets in the way, which seems to have happened to my other writer despite the best laid plans of rats and men.

But I’m also a sucker for cool card games, and don’t want to wait for her, so here we are looking at the Kickstarter Campaign for the King’s Keys deck.

As the campaign video points out, centuries ago someone created a deck of playing cards with four suits, split between two colours, and 13 cards in each suit. But what if that wasn’t the deck that became the one we know today? That was the starting point for Jeff Daymont’s King Key’s deck. He calls it a 4x4x4 deck, which is a perfectly accurate description. The cards are numbered 1 to 4, there are four colours (red, green, blue, yellow), and four suits (axes, shields, coins, and keys). These combine for the 64 unique cards that make up the King’s Keys deck. The deck itself comes with three games, and there is an expanding number of games available for download. 

Pledge levels start at only $15 (USD) for a single King’s Keys deck. $28 gets a King’s Keys deck and Daymont’s previous project, the Janken Deck. For an even $30 you get a pair of King’s Keys decks in exclusive art-boxes. $80 includes a pair of decks and an art poster featuring the card art or only the four joker art, or $100 includes both. Above that are a handful of limited and retail pledges.

Without playing them myself (yet), the various games look like a ton of fun and we will post a proper review as soon as life allows. In the meantime, this project has a reasonable low buy-in, and the creator has previously fulfilled a similar campaign. This is a campaign for a game that has a ton of potential. Check it out.

You can back the King’s Keys deck on Kickstarter until December 7, 2019.

You can find Jeff Daymont’s games online at or on Facebook at

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