It Takes a Thief (Kickstarter)

Heist games are fun. At their heart, they are one of the purest forms of gaming. You have a goal, deal with (potentially secret) obstacles, escape with the goal. That’s an over-simplification of any particular game but sums up the genre well. It Takes a Thief starts there, and builds up something new. Literally. As the players explore, they build the map (pretty standard) eventually moving to a higher floor. Unlike most games that have multiple floors, the upper level isn’t just a separate board, it’s physically a different level. The map tiles are placed into the top of a plastic tile, that also has a slot under it for hiding the contents of that particular tile. 

Pledges start at $40 (CDN) for a pack of ITaT merch: a tote bag, mask, and toque (for the Americans in here in The Rat Hole, a toque is the proper name for what y’all call a “beany”). For the game and a tote bag it’s $70, or $75 to get it signed. $95 gets you the signed game and all the merch.

$70 CDN seems a little steep, but not outrageously so given how many games run $40-$60 USD. There are a lot of unique components that come with this, so it really isn’t an unreasonable price.

I honestly think that the proliferation of accessible 3D printers has given designers the ability to test out new concepts more easily and at a much lower cost. A quick glance says that three of our last five CrowdFUNding Spotlights probably wouldn’t have been able to exist a few short years ago. I’m going to call it here, people. We are seeing the next big thing in tabletop games unfolding with projects like It Takes a Theif. Which side of that history do you want to be on?

You can back It Takes a Thief on Kickstarter until April 24, 2021.

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