Iron Clays and Spades (Kickstarter)

This week’s CrowdFUNding Spotlight is a luxury campaign, without a doubt. Roxley Game Laboratory’s Iron Clays were designed as a set of counters to upgrade the gaming experience for dozens and dozens (and more dozens) of games. The original run of Iron Clays was so popular, that they’ve brought them back, and added some new things to take your gaming experience even further.

Weighing in at 9.5g, Iron Clays are made mostly of limestone clay with an iron core and are modeled after real casino chips. While they are modeled after casino chips, they look so much nicer. They aren’t designed to only add to your tactile experience while playing a game, but also your visual experience. They’ve fashioned the chip count to best support a wide variety of games and there is a long, yet nowhere near comprehensive, of easily compatible games at the end of the 100, 200, and 400 count product summaries. If you are looking to specifically enhance your Poker night, the 200 count set will easily support a five-player game.

In addition to the original 100 chip count, the 200 count adds a new 500 denomination chip and the 400 count also adds a new 2000 denomination (see the campaign for specific chip quantities and options). On top of the new denominations, this campaign marks the release of the Iron Spades premium playing cards. Iron Spades feature art by Chad Michael Studio (who also designed the Iron Clays) and will be produced in collaboration with Art of Play.

Depending on what you want, there are a wide variety of pledge levels. If you already own a set of Iron Clays or a copy of Brass Deluxe (which features Iron Clays) there is a specific pledge level, with instructions, for upgrading to the newer sets. That level has a base amount of $19, but the actual price depends on your specific needs.

If you are new to Iron Clays, pledges start at $53(CAD) for the 100 count set in a printed box. $95 gets the 200 count set in a printed box. $270 jumps up to a two-tiered wooden box that contains 200 chips and two Iron Spades decks. $371 gets 400 chips in a two-tiered wooden box. If you only want the Iron Spades cards, you can pledge $16 for a single deck. If you select this pledge and manually increase the amount to $73 or $134, you will get a 6 or 12 deck “brick” respectively. You can add on a 20 chip sleeve of any denomination for $12 and a deck of Iron Spades for $16.

Two important things to note. The infographics show prices in both USD as well as CAD. The shipping prices are specifically only listed in USD as they will be shipped directly from the US. All pledges will be charged the Canadian Dollar amount and shipping will be charged at the current exchange rate for the USD amount.

As I said at the start, this is a luxury. If you have a fancy gaming room or an expensive gaming table, this another way to enhance that aesthetic. If you are an average dave, this is a comparatively inexpensive way to step up your gaming game. I can personally think of probably a dozen games, on top of the ones listed on the campaign page, that would benefit from a set of Iron Clays.

My wish list for the next campaign: Mini-Clays.

You can back Iron Clays and Spades on Kickstarter until June 19, 2019.

You can find out more about Roxley Game Laboratory online at or on their Facebook page at