As The Rat Hole grows, it may become harder for new readers to find older reviews. That’s no good for anyone, so we have decided to create this index of links to all our game reviews. We are leaving out CrowdFUNding Spotlight articles, as well as things like our Renaissance Gamer columns and photo galleries. (Although you might have noticed I just linked to each of them in bulk, right here.)

We have also added a few specific index pages:


A Christmas Carol Adventure ®🎄

Achtung! Cthulhu: Audio Adventures

Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Post ®


Affliction: Salem 1692

Alicematic Heroes

ALIEN The Roleplaying Game (Core Rulebook) ®

Alternity (Core Rulebook) ®

Animal Adventures (Dungeons & Doggies) [ Slinging Paint video ]

Arboretum [ written review ]

Arboretum [ video review ]

Asking for Trobils

Attack of the Kaiju



Batman Ninja (see: Weiß Schwarz)

Batman The Animated Series: Rogues Gallery

Blank Marry Kill


BESM 4th Edtion (Core Rulebook) ®

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Bite Me 🎃

Boomtown Bandits [ written review ]

Boomtown Bandits [ video review ]

Breachstorm [ Slinging Paint video ]

Burgle Bros.

Button Men


Campy Creatures

Can’t Catch Harry


Cartooner [ written review ]

Cartooner [ video review ]

Cat Lady

Chai (Solo Modes)

Christmas Cafe 🎄

The Chrismas Express Game 🎄

Christmas Trivia Game 🎄

Clades Prehistoric

Clockwork: Dominion (Core Rulebook) ®

Clue: Harry Potter

Cobra Paw

Cogs & Commissars 

Conan (Core Rulebook) ®

Covil: The Dark Overlords

Cottage Garden

Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade

Cthulhu Confidential (Core Rulebook) ®

Cult of the Deep (PREVIEW)

Cult Following

Cursed Court

Cypher System ®


Daemon Trilogy: Subrosa

Dark Force Incursion

Dead Wasteland

Deadly Doodles

DeathBot Derby

Death Wish

Deck Building: the deck building game

The Deadlies [ video review ]

Deep Space D-6

Dice Derbi

Dice Throne Season 2 [ video review ]

Dice Throne Season 2 [ written reviews ]

Dicey Peaks

Diceborn Heroes

Dragon Dice

Dragoon (Gold Edition)

Doctor Who: The Card Game

Doctor Who: The Card Game (Classic Doctors Edition ) [ written review ]

Doctor Who: The Card Game (Classic Doctors Edition ) [ video review ]

Doctor Who: Dalek Dice

Doctor Who Fluxx (see also: Fluxx)

Doctor Who Keys to the TARDIS

Doctor Who Roleplaying Game (Core Rulebook) ®

Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks

Dragon Pets


Drinking Fluxx (see also: Fluxx)

Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught ®

Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor ®

Dune [ with Pawn and Pixel ]

Dwarves- Dig, Delve, Die


Echidna Shuffle


Eclipse Phase Second Edition (Core Rulebook) ®


Elemental Conflux

The ELL Deck (Wibell++)

Elves Under Hoof 🎄

Endless Realms (Core Rulebook) ®

Era of the Ninja

Everwyrd [ preview ] ®


Eye Sea


Feng Shui 2 (Core Rulebook) ®

Feudum [ video review ]

Floor War: Vampires vs Unicorns

The Fox in the Forest





Gravity Superstar

The Game of Wolf

Get The MacGuffin


Gingerdead House

Girl Genius: The Works

Gloom [ video review ]

Gloom of Thrones

Glyph Chess

The Grimm Forest


Gruff (core game)


Hafid’s Grand Bazaar


Heads Will Roll [ video review ]

Heart of Crown


Holiday Hijinks

Home Alone 🎄

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades [ preview ]


Human Era




Istanbul: The Dice Game

#iHunt (Core Rulebook)


Janken Deck

John Carter of Mars (Core Rulebook) ®

Jungle Race


King of Tokyo [ video review ]

King’s Keys Deck

Kobolds Ate My Baby! (A Very Merry X-Mas) ® 🎄

Kodama Duo

Krampus 🎄


Lamentations of the Flame Princess (Player Core Rulebook) ®

Little Drop of Poison

Luchador: Way of the Mask (Core Rulebook) ®


Machi Koro Legacy

Making Christmas 🎄🎃

Man Bites Dog

Marvel Villainous

Masque of the Red Death


Mew-Tants! (‘Zine Rulebook) ®


Missile Command

Mini DiverCity

Monster Crunch

Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds


My Neighbor Totoro UNO


Nemo’s War

Newfoundland Jam

Night’s Black Agents (Core Rulebook) ®

No Than You, Evil! (Core Box Set) ®

Nut So Fast



Oh My Gods!


Orphans & Ashes

Owl Hoot Trail ®


Palm Island

Paramedics: CLEAR! [ written review ]

Paramedics: CLEAR! [ video review ]

Paranormal Affairs Canada ®


Party People: Holiday Edition 🎄

Pathfinder Second Edition  ®


Phoenix Covenant


Pirates of Gold Cove

Pitchstorm (Core Game)

Planet Mercenary (Core Rulebook) ®

Planet of the Apes [ written review ]

Planet of the Apes [ Slinging Paint video ]


Psychological Warfare

Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds





Quodd Heroes

Quirky Circuits


Railroad Ink (Blazing Red Edition)

Red Flags (Core Game)

Red Shirts: Adventures in Absurdity (Volume 1) ®

Rise of Tribes

Roars and Rattles

Robotech: Ace Pilot [ written review ]

Robotech: Ace Pilot [ video review ]

Robotech: Attack on the SDF-1

Robotech: The Roleplaying Game (Core Rulebook) ®

Roswell 51



Sailing Toward Osiris

Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge

Sailor Moon Crystal: Truth or Bluff

Santa’s Bag 🎄

Secret Santa 🎄


Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game (Starter Kit) ®

The Shadow Over Westminster

Sh*t Happens


Small World

Snow Tales

Somnium: Rise of Laputa

Space Park

Space Pirates: The Musical ®

Spell Smashers

Spirit Island

Squirrel of Die

Starfinder (Core Rulebook) ®

Stargate SG-1 (Core Rulebook) ®

Star Trek Adventures

Star Trek: Chrono-Trek

Star Wars: I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This

Storytime With Dick

Stupid Deaths

Superfight (Core Game)

Swordfish Islands


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Tak [ video review ]

Tales from the Loop (Core Rulebook) ®

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past

This and That Mashups

This Belongs in a Museum


Ticket To Ride: New York

Timeline: Canada

Tiny Epic Mechs

Tiny Epic Zombies

Tiny Ninjas

Titans Tactics

Toe Sham Bo

Tower of Madness

Trampoline Zombies

The Transcontinental [ Video ]

Tricky Tides

Truck Off [ video review ]

Truck Off: Role and Write


Unbreakable: Revolution ®

¡Uncle Cucuy’s Lucha Libre!

Unicorn Surprise

Unknown Armies [ New GM Month 2020 series ] ®


Vast: The Mysterious Manor

Viscounts of the West Kingdom

Vurt (Core Rulebook) ®


Waking Lair

War In Chrismas Village [ video review ] 🎄

Warhammer Quest’s Blackstone Fortress [ Slinging Paint video ]


Weiß Schwarz

Welcome To


Wibell++ (see: ELL Deck, The)

Willy Maykit 🎄

Witches of the Revolution

Witchful Thinking

Workout Adventure

World of Zyathé (Wyrded World)

The Worst Game Ever



Yeti Eats Alien


Zombie Shamble

Zoollywood: Polar Quest

ZynVaded! EVO [ written review ]

ZynVaded! EVO [ Slinging Paint video ]


12 Days 🎄



Kobold Guide to Board Game Design

Kobold Guide to Plots and Campaigns ®