Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Kickstarter)

“Horseshoes and Hand Grenades” the only two things that “close” counts in. Well, three things, but there are plenty of other games about nuclear explosions. But other than the actual game of throwing actual horseshoes I can’t think of many games inspired by equine footwear and hand grenades are more likely to be a weaponized plot device than a theme. So with all that said, this was and is, an intriguing game.

We’re going to have a longer CrowdFUNing PREVIEW on the actual gameplay next week. But here’s the quick and dirty rundown. Each player has an identical hand of soldier cards in their colour. On there turn players will flip, spin, and drop cards onto a bandana sized play area. The goal is to land as many of your soldiers in contact with each other as possible. Depending on how the cards end up grouped, they could be worth double or even triple points or nothing at all.

So, I don’t usually talk about early bird pledge levels, but I will mention that as of when this Spotlight will go live there will still be time to get in on them. After that, however, it’ll take a whole $20 (USD) to get yourself a copy of the base game or $30 to get it with the +4-player expansion (so up to 8-players), with it only costing $60 to get it with custom colours. There is also a $95 deluxe holographic set, which is kinda cool, and a few higher end and retailer levels in there as well.

I don’t often get to PLAY pre-release games, but this one I did and I have to say this was a ton of fun. It’s not a stereotypically “difficult” game, but the dexterity aspect combines with legitimate strategic thinking to give players a uniquely entertaining experience.

This is a great game to pull out for some comparatively brainless fun. For the record, I say “brainless” rather than “thoughtless” because a lot of players are likely to think harder than they really need to over what to play, and that is NOT a criticism. 

You can back Horseshoes and Hand Grenades on Kickstarter until April 7, 2020.

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