Sometimes a game grows beyond its initial incarnation to become something more. Looney Pyramids began in a short story written by a young Andrew Looney in 1987, and over the following 35 years it has evolved through numerous incarnations to become a full fledged game system. As such, a single review seems insufficient, and so we present Looney Saturday, a regular, bimonthly, look at a different Pyramid game.

We technically started with “Pyramids: A Primer, Abridged” which is a great place to start if you’ve never played a Pyramid game. In this month’s review, we going to look at a game technically out of print as a stand-alone product, but remains widely available in several forms including as part of Pyramid Arcade:

(Pink) Hijinks

Happy Spooky Season everyone! Welcome back to the third installation of Looney Labs Pyramid Arcade game reviews. In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are doing a special review on a limited-edition version of their game, Hijinks. It is a 2 person only game, but a fantastic starter or travel game. Hijinks is included in the full box of Pyramid Arcade, but the pink version is a separate purchase. The colour is a wonderful addition to the pyramids in the Pyramid Arcade box and I highly recommend the add-on.

Pink Hijinks is the very first Looney Labs game I ever played. Dave showed it to me one evening and I think we ended up playing it for hours. I was determined to beat him in one round, unfortunately, I was not successful. We continued playing the following morning at a diner and I finally got one win against Dave. I then quit while I was ahead and decided to take my one victory to the bank.

I promptly ordered the game online and had it rush delivered. I spent the following 3 weeks showing everyone and anyone this amazing little game. Thankfully I got to be the “Dave” of this game while showing it to my friends and family, crushing everyone in my path. I knew I was hooked on all the pyramid games after this. There is just enough strategy, but you could learn this game in under 5 minutes. After some research, I realized not every Pyramid Arcade game is this simple to learn, but I’m hooked and want to try them all!

For Pink Hijinks, you need 1 pyramid die, 9 pyramids (3 trios) and a small cloth board that has 9 squares on it. The specialty die has different sized pyramids on each side to represent which pyramid you’ll be moving.

Set up is super simple, you place the cloth board in between the 2 players and stack the pyramids into three trees (small pyramid on a medium, on a large) in the middle three squares. There are 2 potential ways to win the game. You can either fill your home row (the 3 squares in front of you) with all three pieces of a given size with no extras or give all 9 pyramids into your opponent’s home row.

To play, the players take turns rolling the die and choose a pyramid that coincides with the pyramid on the die face to move. The die may show 2 pyramid sizes, in which case you’d just pick one. You can move the pyramid one space into your home row, the centre, or your opponent’s home row. The one catch is once a pyramid is in your opponent’s home row, you cannot move it. Pyramids cannot be moved diagonally as well. Pyramids can be stacked, but only onto pieces of the same size or larger. You may also move any piece of a tower, but all the pyramids on top will follow the piece you’re moving. The only other rule is you are not allowed to pass, if there is a legal move you can make, you must make it. If there is no legal move, you roll again.

Pink Hijinks will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first introduction into the Pyramid Arcade games, so I feel my review will be biased. I adore this game for the simplicity of the rules and how easy it is to just jump in and play a round. The strategy required will keep you on your toes and the luck of the die brings a special twist. The game comes in a little pink pyramid-shaped bag which makes for easy travel and transportation, I keep it on my keychain whenever I am on trips. A staple game for any travelling board game enthusiasts for sure.

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