Gruß vom Krampus 2020

Some people send New Year letters. Some send Christmas letters. I do a Krampusnacht post.

2020 has been… ya. I don’t think I need to spend time on that, we all lived it.

Things have been up and down here in The Rat Hole, as you might imagine. We worked with some great small publishers to preview their crowdfunding campaigns. Some publishers have been amazing about sending games up to the Great White North. Even with the ups and downs of COVID-19, especially here in Alberta, most of our team have been able to continue working on their assorted projects here. We’ve had to scale back some of our content, but we are still going.

After three years, our monthly Skybound Saturday feature had to be put on hiatus this summer, but there may be a new monthly feature coming in 2021 and we hope to bring Skybound Saturday back as the world is able to safely reopen. After taking a break to help coordinate the COVID response in his city, our Renaissance Gamer, Brent, is going strong with his Monday column, and Jaymz’s Slinging Paint miniature painting show is still going strong.

Playing games safely is a huge hurdle, obviously, but Debra continues to be amazing when she can. Trish joined us for New GM Month 2020, and decided to stay on. Tony came on board right as the pandemic was ramping up and we look forward to more great things from him. Plus we had a bunch of great special guest writers join us (and one more still to come in a few weeks)

As for myself (Dave) I’ve been all over. When the pandemic really took hold, I was in the US. The first really big event to be cancelled was Emerald City Comic Con, which was to be my fourth event in a three-week tour. When it was still safe, I was able to sit down and play with The Cardboard Kid and family for some of her reviews or mine. With appropriately strict precautions in place, I joined the team at for some heavier games that I don’t often have the opportunity to play with my regular groups. I’ve continued to appear on The Legend of the Traveling Tardis show, and just did another all-tabletop episode with them. You’ll likely see me on a few more streams, and more importantly more of me on our own Pages. With less ability to play, I’ve had the time to put into streaming a few live interviews, and already have several more in various stages of booking for 2021.

I want to take this last bit of your time to thank my Rat Hole family, without your talent and support we never would have gotten to year 4. Thanks to all the publishers who have supported us by allowing us to review their products and the ones who continue to brave the curse of international shipping. Extra HUGE thanks to the publishers whose products have been put back on our shelves until we can safely play again; your patience and understanding are worth more than you can possibly know. Most of all thank YOU, our followers. We don’t run ads and we don’t get paid for reviews. Your engagement on our posts reminds us that we aren’t just shouting our opinion into the wind. Your shares and your follows, now more than ever, are all many publishers can really look at when we approach them virtually, so thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you again.

Where ever you are, do what is asked of you to keep yourself and your community safe. I want to see all of your happy faces in person soon. But until then… good gaming, and goodbye.



Here’s another fun oldie Christmas song by the Crew Cuts:

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