Endless Realms: Fungi Fight For Freedom (Kickstarter)

Last week we presented a CrowdFUNding PREVIEW of the new Endless Realms adventure, Fungi Fight For Freedom. I’d suggest giving that a read over because I’ll be glossing over most of the details of the adventure here.

In short, Fungi Fight For Freedom dungeon crawl for Endless Realms, which explores the sort of morality/horror themes you’d find in The Island of Doctor Moreau and Interview With a Vampire. Clocking in at around 30 hours of gameplay, the players will be introduced to a new playable Adventure Race, the Enlightened Fungloi. The Fungloi have always been one of the most popular (and adorable) entries in the Creature Compendium sourcebook, and a sort of de facto mascot for Lunar Games. So it wasn’t particularly a surprise that the first new playable race introduced into the game would be fungal in nature. 

As I write this, the campaign has fully funded and working towards its stretch goals. If you’d like in there are a ton of options for you, starting at only $13 (CAD) for a digital copy of the final adventure (which is included with every level after). If you’re like me and prefer a physical copy, you can one as well as the PDF for $25 (softcover) or $30 (hardcover), with another $10 ($40) to further add softcover editions of the Chronicles of Lumis (fiction) and the Big Trouble, Little Dengu adventure. After that are a mix of digital and physical sets for new players, which includes a variety of previous books and accessories, ranging from $80 – $260, and worth every nickel. (It would also be worth every penny if Canada still used pennies.)

This will be Lunar Games’ third successful Kickstarter Campaign, with their last campaign for the Tome of Spirits sourcebook having been fulfilled, minus the physical books which were delayed at the printer and are currently on a slow-moving boat somewhere. (Not in any way their fault). The smaller nature of this adventure means they will able to fulfill the new digital and physical rewards via DriveThruRPG, avoiding similar delays.

You can back Fungi Fight For Freedom on Kickstarter until Feb 8, 2020.

You can find Lunar Games and Endless Realms online at www.endlessrealms.ca or on Facebook at facebook.com/EndlessRealmsRPG.