Fox Matters (Kickstarter)

Back in August, I wrote up a spotlight on an adorable, fun, co-operative but still strategic game called Fox Matters, based on a Polish webcomic of the same name. I was really excited about it, and I shared my article with a Fox Matters group on Facebook. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter shut down within the first day or two because of lack of early pledging. But the creators of Fox Matters didn’t give up completely; instead, they regrouped and restarted bigger and better. This new campaign started on October 19th and runs for 15 days.

For those who missed the first round, Fox Matters a combat-free, co-operative game in which a group of medieval foxes dramatically face everyday problems (like dirty dishes, laundry, and broken coffee mugs) before they develop complications (like unwashable stains or spoiled food) in order to eventually face the dreaded Nightmares (such as Disgustia and the Coldfeeter). They do this through a combination of Leadership, Bravery, Curiosity, Cunning, and Wisdom; and a bit of cheese for motivation. Gameplay involves matching symbols, each problem requiring specific symbol types, with an added challenge that symbols may need to be placed in a certain order to proceed.  Having seen both the original and new campaign pages, and can say there have been some improvements. The campaign page is colourful and welcoming, but still clear and concise. In addition to descriptions of gameplay, there is now a fun in-universe introduction to the story. 

The campaign now begins with a stretch goal/early bird goal already in place. If the campaign funds its full €9,000 (Euro) base goal in 48 hours, then the cheese tokens will be made of wood instead of cardboard. There are also two pledge levels this time. The Knight’s Pledge, €27, gives you the full base game with cardboard components and an expansion set called The Heart of Cheese. This expansion pack starts with 10 new cards, but there will be more as daily stretch goals are reached. The King’s Pledge, for €37, has the Base Game and Expansion Pack, as well as the absolutely adorable fully 3D plastic fox miniatures that attracted me all those months ago.

Changes weren’t made only to the campaign. In the game itself, all 5 player characters are now available in both male and female versions. So you can be a King or a Matriarch; a Wizard or a Witch; an Admiral or a Captainess. They were also able to get some really good preview videos from prominent reviewers including Dice Tower. And, as I mentioned before, they built an entire game expansion in just a couple of months. They have also been leading up to the campaign launch on the Fox Matters Facebook page with comics that introduce both the Fox Knights and the Nightmares.

The only issue you have to remember when you pledge is that this is a European based publisher, and thus you have to deal with Euro-centric shipping prices. The shipping for Poland is €3, and the USA and Europe both get a shipping rate of €11.50. But Canada is placed in the dreaded “rest of the world” category, putting it at a slower postage speed (up to 2 months) and a shipping rate of €16. On the other hand, this is one of the only campaigns I have ever seen to offer a refund if you don’t like the product you receive.

If you love Foxes, Webcomics, or both, you can check out this campaign until November 2nd, 2020. 

You can find the Fox Matters webcomic on facebook at

You can find the publisher, Gindi, online at or on Facebook at