Being someone who enjoys various types of games, I have found that very few popular dice games involve strategy. The winners and losers of dice games are usually determined by the luck of the roll, rather than wit. While I do enjoy games where luck is a weighty factor, I’ve found that there is, indeed, a game out there to satisfy my love for both dice and strategy games.

Flip is a dice-based version of a game named Pennywise, also designed by James Ernest, which is played with an assortment of coins. Both you and your opponent will begin the game with five dice, and the objective is to cause your opponent to run out of their dice. So, how do you accomplish this? Both players will roll all of their own dice, and whoever has the lower total sum of the face value of their dice will go first. In a turn, you may either decide to FLIP one of your own dice or force your opponent to TRASH one of their own.

If you choose to force your opponent to trash a die, you select a die of theirs to put into the “pot” or the middle. They then can collect “change” from the pot. Their change has to have a total value of up to one less than the die they trashed. For example, if you trash your opponent’s die with the face value of 6, they can collect any number of dice that adds up to 5 (e.g. a die with a face value of 2, and one of 3).
This being said, the “pot” is empty from the start, so the first several rounds, you may not be able to collect change. The pot grows as dice of different value are trashed. If you choose to flip one of your own dice, you do simply that. Turn your die over to its opposite side to change the face value. The value you begin and end with should always add up to 7 ( e.g. changing a 3 to a 4 or a 1 to a 6).

This process continues until one player runs out of dice, and the other is declared the winner. To avoid the game coming to a standstill, there is a rule against flipping the same die more than one time between trashing an opponent’s die. You can keep a record of the dice you have flipped by setting them to the side until you have trashed a die.

I’ve found that Flip is a fitting pass time for people who are searching for a game that is easily learned but still takes a little bit of thinking and strategy to successfully execute. It is extremely cheap, considering you only need 10 dice to play the game. Personally, I feel this game could be modified in any number of ways to conform to the desires of the players (e.g. changing the starting number of dice to shorten the game), though the game in it’s originality needs no changes.

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