Edmonton Prototype Convention (video)

I had the opportunity to check out the Edmonton Prototype Convention and spoke to some of the organizers and designers involved in this unique convention.

This video segment first aired on The Watch’s live webcast on April 19, 2018. Below is my video alone, as well as the full webcast of The Watch. Enjoy!

Steven was here 🙂

Steven was here 🙂

Posted by The Watch on Thursday, April 19, 2018


You can find more about EPOC online at fongomongo.wixsite.com/epoc or on their Facebook page facebook.com/EPOConvention.

You can see more of The Watch and their weekly live show at facebook.com/thewatchYEG

Special Thanks to The 427s for allowing the use of their tunes, you should check them out at The427s.com.

You can find or EPOC 2018 photos courtesy of Papa Razzo’s Photo LibraryCLICK HERE TO GO TO THE ALBUM