A few weeks ago, Dave got to sit in with the Pawn and Pixel team for a game of Asmodee’s Eclipse. You can click HERE to read everyone’s thoughts, but Dave’s are below.


Eclipse. It seems like a million years ago, not a week. I think my biggest memory of playing Eclipse with the Pawn & Pixel team is that I played like crap. Despite my constant misjudgment, I somehow managed to come in a very close second place. More importantly I had a ton of fun the whole time.

The game itself is one of the more elegantly designed monstrosities on the market. It’s a big game, and it takes a long time to play. But once you get moving, it MOVES. Time flew by and I would be happy to play it again soon. Playing these larger games is something I don’t get to indulge in nearly as often as I’d like and if you’ve never really been interested in long games, Eclipse is something you should take the time to experience.


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Timelapse by Pawn and Pixel