Dreeple & Dreeple War Relaunch (Kickstarter)

Silver Lake Games is quickly becoming one of my favourite small publishers to watch. Their Duckaiju™ campaign was one of the most glorious bits of hype-building that I’ve seen in ages. When their Dreeple campaign first launched I wasn’t able to fit a full CrowdFUNding Spotlight on it, but as luck would have it I have a chance to make up for it.

The original campaign ended up being canceled, and after dealing with some manufacturing details, it’s now back with (very) slightly lower costing pledge levels, and a funding goal a quarter of the original campaign.

What are “Dreeples,” you ask? Dreeples are coloured acrilic Dragon Meeples. A Dreeple is approximately 2.5 inches wide, 2 inches tall and 3/8 inch thick. The prototypes shown in the game are beautiful, and I can think of a good half dozen ways I’ll likely use mine (because I’m planning to back this, myself).

The pledge levels are simple:

$3 (USD) gets you a single Dreeple of any colour (that you choose after the campaign) and $14 gets you a full set of eight, which is huge savings over the individual price.

$51 gets you a copy of the Kickstarter exclusive game, Dreeple Wars. The price point on this is a bit high until you take a closer look at what you get: 18 land tiles, and a dragon-sized handful of different effect tokens, and 30 coin tokens, all made from high-quality chipboard. As well, you get eight individual dragon stat cards, 8 custom dice, and (of course) a full set of eight Dreeple. If this was a fully published game, this would be the bare minimum most people would expect. But keep in mind, this is a limited edition game and only enough are being manufactured for this campaign. Small batches always increase production costs, so ultimately it’s a reasonable price.

That’s it. Quick and easy.

You can back Dreeples & Dreeple War Relaunch on Kickstarter until Sept 24, 2018.

You can find Silver Lake Games online at www.silverlakegames.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/Duckaiju