Direct-Play Expo Fall 2018 (video)

The Rat Hole has been invited out as a guest to the past two Direct-Play Expos in Edmonton, AB. Our Renaissance Gamer, Brent, gave a great talk at the first one, with Dave running some games, and hosting some evening entertainment for both. This year also featured a great not-for-profit group, the Forging Heroes Society. They do amazing work bringing RPGs to kids that might not otherwise be able to play. This video first aired on The Watch on November 29, 2018.

Below is my video alone, as well as the full webcast of The Watch, and below that, you’ll find links to Direct-Play and  Forging Heroes Society.

Live from home

Batman fan film and Stan lee Tribute video!

Posted by The Watch on Thursday, November 29, 2018

You can find Direct-Play Expo at

You can find Forging Heroes at

You can help Forging Heroes help kids by donating at: or