Dinos Not Assembled (Kickstarter)

So I seem to be on a low key Dinosaur game kick recently, and each dino game has a fascinating story behind it. In the case of Dinos Not Assembles, it’s a game created by 7-year old Dawson Kemper and his mom, Alice Davis. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I really do love seeing the next generation of game designers starting to enter the industry already.

The game is simple, and easily playable by younger children, which is the perfect age group for a dinosaur game. Most people recognize there is a specific age range where most kids LOVE dinosaurs. They start learning it in school and immediately know more than their parents will ever fully remember. It’s a fascinating time to have kids in your world.

Short version of the plot: A museum curator contacts famous archeologist, Dawson Rexamus, to help put together a dinosaur display. Players need to assemble three dinosaur skeletons in the museum to earn a permanent spot on Dawson’s team.

On a player’s turn they can Dig for new bones at the dig site, Steal a bone from another player, Make a dino out of the bones on their player board, or Plan for a new dino by drawing a dino card. The first player to three complete dinos wins. It’s simple enough for kids, but can get cutthroat enough for casual adult play as well, which is a nice balance.

The pledge levels are pretty simple and affordable. $24 (USD) gets you the game, with surprisingly inexpensive shipping costs given up front. Unless you’re a retailer, that’s it. Just one level, just the game, nothing fancy.

If I didn’t stop for a moment and gush about the art, I’d be doing this game a huge disservice. The art is amazing. The dinos cards are adoarble (with goofy “facts” about each dino), and the various boards are amazing. My players specifically noticed and pointed out, as other reviews have, how inclusive the art is. I already knew this from discussions before I played, but they pointed it out on their own. There are people of all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, and even someone in a wheelchair represented. It’s not something that’s in your face, but even as a subtle touch, it’s incredibly noticeable.

You can back Dinos Not Assembled on Kickstarter until April 15, 2019

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